Don't Complain To WalMart About The Empty Laptop Box You Bought With Stolen Credit Cards

from the scammer-vs.-scammer dept

Well here's one for the dumb criminals series. Apparently, some guys with a bunch of forged credit cards and stolen credit card numbers went to Wal-Mart and bought a laptop. Except, somehow someone at Wal-Mart scammed them... and sold them an empty box. The guys got pissed off and went back to Wal-Mart to complain. Not surprisingly, the Wal-Mart employees thought the guys were trying to scam the Wal-Mart -- not with the fake credit cards -- but with the empty box. So they called the police, and hilarity ensued, as one guy tried to run away and dropped a bunch of the stolen credit cards. But, of course, the real kicker is that the guys weren't lying. Wal-Mart had accidentally sold them an empty box. Still, it makes you wonder what the hell the guys were thinking when they went back to complain about the empty box that had been sold to them using stolen credit cards.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 16 Oct 2008 @ 1:20pm

    Re: Just thinking

    Eight pounds?!? Dude, what are you smoking? The only laptops that weigh that much are probably the big desktop replacement models. 'Typical' laptops (which is just about every one of the 200+ employee laptops in my company) are more in the 5-6 pound range, with ultraportables running around 2-4 and subnotebooks typically right around the 2 pound mark. And of course there are a few monsters that weigh more like 10-12 pounds. Those are practically desktop powerhouses stuffed into a supposed portable case, sort of like a wolf in sheeps' clothing. Maybe college kiddies are more into the heavy ones or something, I dunno...

    Regardless, this definitely one for the Wall of Fail, not just because they were stupid enough to go back with the stolen credit cards, but because they were too stupid to realize that the box was empty based on weight alone, as you said.

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