Microsoft Sues DHL Over Trainload Of Dropped Xboxes

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Over the years, I've certainly had my fair share of bad experiences with both UPS and FedEx, but for me, personally, no delivery company has been worse on a regular basis than DHL. Almost every time I've had to deal with the company the experience has been somewhere between bad and ridiculous -- and I've heard similar stories from friends as well, from undelivered packages, to crushed packages -- even to a story of a phone shipped via DHL that arrived with the box torn open and the phone missing. It appears that we individuals aren't alone in our annoyances with DHL. Microsoft is now suing the company for how it dealt with a shipment of Xboxes that were on a train that derailed. Consider this a scaled up version of the old "crushed box" delivery that you or I might be used to. Apparently, the train had six containers full of Xboxes that were damaged -- with DHL refusing to pay for the damages or missing Xboxes that didn't make the rest of the journey.

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  1. identicon
    Fred Elbel, 14 Oct 2008 @ 3:01pm

    DHL: consistently substandard service

    For a period of over 4 years, DHL has misdelivered ALL shipments to me from Dell, including computers, monitors, and other equipment. There were probably 8-9 such incidents.

    DHL company policy is that if no one is there, to leave a note on the door and retry the next day. So I always taped a note to my door saying "if no one is here, leave package at office and leave note on the door." In addition, my shipping labels said the same thing.

    DHL would NEVER leave a note of any kind on the door. Each time, I complained to corporate and to the local Denver DHL office. I even got followup call-backs from corporate and the regional manager saying they would fix their problem.

    One time, I stopped by the office on routine business, and checked the back room - to my surprise my emergency replacement monitor had been sitting there for 4 days. DHL never notified me.

    Another time, the driver misdelivered the monitor to the wrong address. Because I had just complained to the regional office, the driver called me up and personally apologized and said he would deliver the package that afternoon.

    I was absolutely floored to find that after two days, the package still was not delivered. No note, no call, no nothing. And I was here during delivery hours during those days. So I checked in the office and... DHL had simply placed the package in the back room.

    Why was there never a note on the door? Because the DHL driver never, ever, went to the door! He cut corners by bulk-dropping packages in the main office, contrary to company policy, notwithstanding complaints.

    DHL NEVER fixed their problem and never improved their service.

    Friends do not let friends ship via DHL.

    I also complained to Dell. By the way, when you order from Dell, you have the option of electing UPS shipment. They don't tell you this, so be sure to specify UPS. I have never had any problems at all with UPS and will only use UPS (and Fedex) for company shipments.


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