Microsoft Sues DHL Over Trainload Of Dropped Xboxes

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Over the years, I've certainly had my fair share of bad experiences with both UPS and FedEx, but for me, personally, no delivery company has been worse on a regular basis than DHL. Almost every time I've had to deal with the company the experience has been somewhere between bad and ridiculous -- and I've heard similar stories from friends as well, from undelivered packages, to crushed packages -- even to a story of a phone shipped via DHL that arrived with the box torn open and the phone missing. It appears that we individuals aren't alone in our annoyances with DHL. Microsoft is now suing the company for how it dealt with a shipment of Xboxes that were on a train that derailed. Consider this a scaled up version of the old "crushed box" delivery that you or I might be used to. Apparently, the train had six containers full of Xboxes that were damaged -- with DHL refusing to pay for the damages or missing Xboxes that didn't make the rest of the journey.

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    Steven, 14 Oct 2008 @ 1:54pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: A small lession on liability...

    Maybe things are very different for rail (as opposed to ocean, air, and truck) but I highly doubt it.

    Liability is structured in CSU's or Customer Shipping Units. A CSU is the smallest unit being shipped (not the individual box it's usually what is called a 20 foot or 40 foot equivalent unit, basically what would fit in that size container).

    COGSA - Carriage of Goods by Sea Act. Liabilit is limited to $500 per CSU. A 40 foot container full of LCD TV's goes overboard you get $500, hope you bought insurance.

    COGWA - Carriage of Goods by Water Act. Basically the same thing

    HAGUE-VISBY - EU Treaty 666.67 SDR (Special Drawing Right, an IMF contractual currency, welcome to the world of acronyms) which equates to about $500 per CSU.

    Warsaw Convention - Carriage of Goods by Air. $20 per kg

    Trucking US - $0.50 per lb
    Trucking Canada - $2.00 per lb
    Trucking EU - 25 Swiss FR per kilo

    This is why you (as a company shipping large amounts of stuff) really need to buy insurance.

    (The amounts might be a little old and their a bit simplified, but that's basically right)

    All this all laid out, along with a whole mess of corner cases and exemptions, in a contract usually called a Bill of Lading, or Air Waybill, or Master Bill, or ....

    This is not the same as you sending a sweater to you mom via UPS.

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