Microsoft Sues DHL Over Trainload Of Dropped Xboxes

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Over the years, I've certainly had my fair share of bad experiences with both UPS and FedEx, but for me, personally, no delivery company has been worse on a regular basis than DHL. Almost every time I've had to deal with the company the experience has been somewhere between bad and ridiculous -- and I've heard similar stories from friends as well, from undelivered packages, to crushed packages -- even to a story of a phone shipped via DHL that arrived with the box torn open and the phone missing. It appears that we individuals aren't alone in our annoyances with DHL. Microsoft is now suing the company for how it dealt with a shipment of Xboxes that were on a train that derailed. Consider this a scaled up version of the old "crushed box" delivery that you or I might be used to. Apparently, the train had six containers full of Xboxes that were damaged -- with DHL refusing to pay for the damages or missing Xboxes that didn't make the rest of the journey.

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  1. identicon
    TheOldFart, 14 Oct 2008 @ 8:25am

    Laptop computer delivery

    I lived on a U-shaped street. It was unfortunate that the idiots in the street department re-used addresses so that there was an 1140 North and 1140 South, but that's the way it was.

    Never a problem for UPS or Fedex, they never mis-delivered the many packages I got through them. However when I got a new Micron laptop for work that had a price tag of $5,200 on it and a gigantic bright colored sticker that covered half the box that said "do not deliver without a signature", the *moron* DHL driver left it at the wrong address without a signature.

    When I called asking where the package was (it was shipped via overnight service) I explained the potential for address confusion they asked *me* to go to the neighbors house and see if the package was there and retrieve it! I told them get the damn thing themselves.

    It turned out the neighbors were on vacation and the person watching their house had taken the package in for them. No way to know who it was watching the house so no way to retrieve it. So it sat there, clearly visible in their kitchen window for a week and a half with the big, brightly colored sticker facing out "Do not deliver without a signature"

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