President Signs ProIP Bill Into Law; White House Gets Copyright Czar

from the don't-you-feel-safer? dept

Apparently, having our elected politicians completely lie to the President, combined with various business groups using totally made up numbers about the so-called "costs" of piracy was enough to convince President Bush to sign the ProIP bill into law, and accept the addition of a "Copyright Czar" position to the White House. It also strengthened copyright laws, yet again, despite little evidence they needed any strengthening. This law is nothing more than a weak attempt to prop up some struggling businesses who made the mistake of clinging to an obsolete business model far too long. All it will actually serve to do is to limit more creative forms of expression and much more innovative business models from being allowed to thrive.

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  1. identicon
    Imagine That, 14 Oct 2008 @ 8:44am

    Horse Sh!t

    Unfortunately for you, Joe Blow, their ultimate use of extreme force in this case, does not give a sh!t about you, whatsoever.

    This has been one of their prime goals for years, just wanting to shove every American citizen's head up their azz so the only thing they can do is pay their way out of everything. Pretty soon they will be monitoring all your traffic and telling you that you can't do this because its incriminating and you can do that because you are a 'mockery' to the system. Yet at the same time, they will make sure to charge you at each turn to better their capital gains and further the stranglehold they have around your obedient neck.

    People will be offing themselves into oblivion, left and right. Foreclosing homes, forfeiture of property and god awful atrocious trials for someone who had a few ripped movies being sent to jail for 3 years so they can intimidate every motherfukker in the entire country into doing what they want.

    Better start figuring out where you want to be in the next 3 years, because the United States isn't going to be on your list. That is of course, you enjoy being monetarily raped into enslavement so the corporate elites can get their money and precious totalitarian control.

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