by Mike Masnick

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The Rise Of Anti-Spam Lawsuit Entrepreneurs

from the give-me-spam-so-i-can-sue-you dept

I'll admit that many years ago, when I first heard about people trying to sue spammers for profit, it sounded like a pretty cool idea. No one likes spammers, and being able to sue them and make some money off of it sounds good, right? But it appears that it's becoming a bigger business these days, and in a story about a specific case from one such person, Eric Goldman reasonably questions the tactics of some of these "anti-spam litigation entrepreneurs," noting that they often seek out spam, just to have more to sue over. That seems highly problematic. If they're purposely putting their email address out there just to get spam, with the intention of suing over it, it's difficult to see how they have much of a claim to complain about the spam received. Now, it appears that some judges are starting to fight back against clear profiteers, who are clearly not using the law as a way to fight spam, but just to profit.

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  1. identicon
    Kiba, 13 Oct 2008 @ 9:45am

    Re: Go get 'em!

    I wonder why prostitution should be a crime. After all, it is a voluntary exchange between two adults.

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