Disney Used Anonymous Online Quotes In Ads

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You've all seen movie advertisements that include snippets of glowing quotes from critics. "Marvelous!" "Best Movie of the Year!" etc. There's been some controversy about these quotes in the past. There was an investigation into studios taking movie critic quotes completely out of context, and even a lawsuit against Sony Pictures for making up a critic and his quotes for movie ads. It appears that Disney has now been caught trying out a new tactic: using quotes from anonymous internet commenters on IMDB. These "commenters" could be, for example, Disney employees, but go under usernames like "Theedge-4" and "Mjavfc1." Apparently, that's good enough for Disney to quote them in their ads. While there's something to be said for tapping into a wider group of folks than just the big name "professional" movie critics and reviewers, this one seems pretty questionable and open to abuse -- especially given the industry's documented history of made up reviews.

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    John (profile), 7 Oct 2008 @ 5:00pm

    Two points

    First, if a company has to go to IMDB users to find someone who's willing to say something positive about their movie, then they have a larger problem than "stealing" quotes.

    But, again, what are movie companies supposed to do, use the quote that says "That was two hours of my life I'll never get back" or "That was a complete waste of $10".

    Second, like the other posters are saying, does anyone even believe quotes shown during commercials? From the ads for "Spider-Man 2", I could have sworn it was the greatest movie ever made. In fact, I think one quote even said it was better than "Citizen Kane", which ranks as the best movie of all-time. I was disappointed when it was just a "very good" movie and not the best movie ever made, of all time, in the history of cinema, like the commercials said it was.

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