Bills Introduced To Protect Laptops At Border Searches

from the restoring-the-4th-amendment dept

As was widely expected following earlier statements from politicians such as Russ Feingold, legislation has now been introduced that would curb Homeland Security's ability to randomly search laptops at the border, instead, requiring them to have a "reasonable suspicion" of illegal activity before they can search or copy a hard drive. This would be a huge step forward in terms of reasonable levels of privacy at the border. While defenders of the random search program claim that it's necessary, they give little proof. You can tell because their arguments could equally be applied to searching a random person on the street as well, as they just give vague platitudes about protecting the country from harm. Yet our country has privacy rights and probable cause for a very good reason. It's nice to actually see some politicians standing up to make sure that Homeland Security live up to those ideals.

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  1. identicon
    anymouse government worker, 1 Oct 2008 @ 11:56am

    Independent = never going anywhere

    "Has everybody forgotten the independant party? We need to get worthy candidates to run independantly."

    As long as our system relies on the electorial college system, no independent will ever be elected, it's just not possible with the current system.

    No matter what the 'popular' vote is (that's you and me going to the poles and voting - and it has no effect on which candidate gets elected - other than 'suggesting' to our state's electors who we would like to see elected, the state has no obligation to select the candidate that won the popular vote), the states electorial votes will still go to one of the major party candidates (ie. the system is rigged). If we had a true democracy where the people's vote actually mattered, then a strong independent candidate may have a chance, but in the republic we live in, it's just not possible.

    Hmm... The government in the Star Wars was a republic before the corrupt rose to positions of power and assumed total control creating the Empire (during military events the people gave up their freedom to the government in exchange for promises of protection - see any similarities to our government 'seizing' our freedoms in exchange for promises of 'protection'?). So obviously the only solution is to call in the Jedi to remedy the situation, oh wait, we don't have any Jedi, guess we're screwed no matter what we do....

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