Senate Gives The White House A Copyright Czar

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The Senate has now unanimously passed the new entertainment industry-approved copyright legislation that was proposed by Senator Leahy earlier this year. After the Justice Department complained about the provision that would grant it the ability to take on civil cases, that provision was removed, but there's still plenty to be worried about by the bill -- such as the creation of a "copyright czar" position in the White House. While some of the worst provisions were removed, this still remains a bill that has one purpose: to protect an obsolete business model, rather than letting more innovative models proliferate.
The House still needs to vote on its version of the bill, but it's quite likely to pass quickly.

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  1. identicon
    Michael Long, 26 Sep 2008 @ 4:18pm

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    You keep harping on "obsolete" business models, but to a large extent they seem to be working just fine. NBC, for example, returned to iTunes and quickly resumed its spot of selling 30% of Apple's TV shows.

    Hulu and network-specific sites are streaming record numbe14rs of shows, all "paid" by users watching ads (another "obsolete" model). In fact, IIRC didn't you run an article indicating that streaming video is bypassing P2P "sharing"?

    CD and album sales are down, but digital and single sales are way up.

    And yes, they're moving to protect their content, but which aspect of that do you find surprising? Music and movies are one of the US's few remaining profitable exports. You think they're going to just throw out a multi-billion dollar industry and start giving everything away for free?

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