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T-Mobile Sends G1 Android Data Users To The Slow Lane: 50kbps Over 1 Gig

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There's a ton of predictable press coverage and reviews of T-Mobile's new G1 phone -- the first commercially available phone that uses Google's Android operating system -- but Broadband Reports has dug through the fine print of the user agreement and noticed something rather interesting. While the marketing materials scream out about a $25 "unlimited" data plan, the fine print notes that if you go over 1Gig per month, the rest of your data traffic that month may be slowed down to a piddling 50kbps. So, before you get that G1 and plan to surf away, recognize that while, unlimited, T-Mobile apparently has no intention of letting you actually surf with any reasonable bandwidth after a certain point.

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  1. identicon
    Asa, 23 Sep 2008 @ 4:25pm

    Re: What's the big deal?

    I think the big deal is the mis-leading "unlimited" term being attached to a limited-to-1G at normal speed system, and thus being "Limited."

    When someone starts using that word in a fraudulent way it reflects badly on the information industry which is already dealing with mistrust from a wary public. People are often out of their element with this stuff and need all the legitimate info they can get. Filling the industry with fake promises doesn't help in the least.

    If its 1GB a month for $25 at normal speed, and anything after that is free at a lower speed, then say so. I doubt you can look at my previous sentence and describe that as unlimited to a prospective customer.

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