Washington DC's Primary E-Votes Still Not Adding Up Properly

from the it's-not-like-we've-got-computers-that-can-count dept

You know, the one thing that computers are supposed to be good at is counting things accurately. So why is it so hard to do so when it comes to counting votes? We recently wrote about the case in Washington DC's primaries where election officials were struggling to figure out the source of an awful lot of votes for a non-existent write-in candidate. Sequoia, the makers of the e-voting machines in question, were quick to deny any and all responsibility with the hilariously "thou dost protest too much" statement: "There's absolutely no problem with the machines in the polling places. No. No."

Either way, it appears that officials in DC still can't properly add up the votes properly, and are noting that 13 separate races all show the exact same number of overvotes: 1,542, though no one can explain why. Sequoia continues to stand by its original statement that the problem must be one of human error -- though it fails to explain how simple human error would create 1,542 extra votes in 13 entirely separate races -- and why it didn't design a system that would prevent the ability for "human error" to create such votes.

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  1. identicon
    Vanessa, 27 Oct 2008 @ 2:41pm


    Geez, how can they defend their machines and how would anyone even believe their defense after how they've already been written about? Well, maybe it hasn't been in the MSM.

    To comply with a federal court order, Nassau County purchases ballot-marking devices from Sequoia Voting Systems. Of the first 240 devices delivered, 85% are too defective to be usable, placing the county in jeopardy of violating the court order.-- VotersUnite

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