India Claims To Have Cracked Blackberry Encryption; Proudly Spying On Emails

from the details-missing dept

Earlier this year, India demanded that RIM allow it to easily snoop on any email messages sent via Blackberry devices. The company explained that since the end user sets the encryption key, there's simply no way to provide a backdoor to snoop on the messages. However, now the government is proudly claiming that it's cracked the code and can now monitor Blackberry messages on various mobile operator networks. The details are quite vague, especially an offhand comment about how this is "wholly for non-enterprise solutions." That would suggest, then, that enterprise Blackberry messages may remain secure. It also raises questions about whether or not the mobile operators in question are simply providing access to their mail servers. Either way, the whole thing seems weird -- including the government's effort to publicize the fact that it's spying on Blackberry messages.

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  1. identicon
    Ananth, 23 Sep 2008 @ 2:25pm

    Before talking about other countries in the world one has to realize I mean folks/citizens of the so called world power "THE US" did evesdrop on their own citizens phone calls ... so it is not matter which country is doing it, it is all about why the country is doing it ... US did it for their own personal reasons and India is doing it for their own personal reasons. How in this world does encrypting a blackberry message be different from evesdropping. I believe most of you are intelligent here, so please do educate me with your expertise especially the one who gave a pathetic example of "Bedroom/Bathroom". Come on guys be realistic. US spys on every freaking individual, there is no security of ones personal records.

    My point is, one cannot avoid such things no matter which country one lives in. You are being watched day in and day out. We think we are more secured with our personal records. Our entire personal record is available by some means or the other, so encrypting a black berry message come on big deal!!!!!!

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