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SanDisk Makes Music Even Less Convenient

from the this-is-progress? dept

SanDisk is getting a bunch of press for releasing what it's positioning as a new "format" for music. But it's not a new format at all. SanDisk is simply sticking mp3s onto a microSD card, reasoning that lots of folks now carry phones with microSD slots in them. That's true (I've got one of those phones), but that hardly makes this a compelling offering. First of all, microSD cards are tiny. They're not the sort of thing that people want to pop in and out of their phones like a CD or a floppy disk. If you do that, you'll probably end up losing the microSD. So, most folks I know simply put a single microSD card in their phones and just use it as expanded storage. Besides, these days, most folks know that removable storage is annoyingly inconvenient compared to just using a blank disc and moving around the music you already have. I don't want to have to remember to put a specific microSD card into my phone if I want to hear a band -- especially when it's ridiculously easy for me to just transfer music from my computer to my phone instead. SanDisk claims that this will work because people don't know how to download music -- but they might be surprised if they actually went and spoke to people, rather than making up stuff in an effort to sell more microSD cards.

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  1. identicon
    Stephen, 22 Sep 2008 @ 11:16am

    in defense of sandisk

    I recently upgraded from a 512mb Zen to an 8gb Sandisk Fuse in part because of the microdisk, which was full of music (and because it was $70 less than a 4gb Nano, but much more versatile and with a longer battery life). I planned to just erase the music and use the disk for more storage, but it turns out the music was very good: lots of indie pop and rock. Then Sandisk mysteriously sent me a second disk. So I'm way ahead of the game here. My only bother is I prefer to listen to music in the car on CD--I mostly listen to audio books and watch tv shows on the Fuse--and the music isn't transferable.

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