Is The Justice Dep't Really Thinking About Going After All Of Google's Business On Antitrust?

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We've been somewhat confused by the talk of an antitrust action against Google for its ad deal with Yahoo (which doesn't seem likely to raise prices despite what critics say). However, it's become increasingly clear that the gov't is very likely going to move ahead with this. As we already noted, the Justice Dep't has already hired a well-known outside attorney to lead the charge. It seems unlikely that they would do that if they weren't planning to make a big splash. Plus, news is spreading that the Justice Department is already sharing info on its case with California's Attorney General and potentially other state Attorneys General as well.

Now comes the news that the Justice Department isn't just thinking about stopping the ad deal between Yahoo and Google, but in going after Google in general as a monopolist. This is positively ridiculous, and is clearly politically motivated and funded by companies who simply don't like Google. Yet, nowhere has there been any evidence that Google's size has been used to abuse pricing power or to make things more expensive for consumers. Rather, almost everything it's done has been to make things easier or cheaper for consumers.

Unfortunately, it appears that in this politically motivated world, where Google didn't "play the game," a bunch of politicians and Justice Department officials want to charge Google with the crime of "being too successful." Honestly, that's about all they seem likely to have on the company, because it's hard to see how it's abused its monopoly power in a way that actually harms consumers or prevents competition from entering the market.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 12 Sep 2008 @ 5:25am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: They hate our freedoms

    "Uhhhhhh, your agenda is quite clear, however, Congress is clearly Democrat controlled. How are those approval ratings? Every department has both parties involves, they are both two sides of the same coin. You bash one and praise the other but they are which makes you the party between both cheeks of the same ass. ; )"

    Yeah this has been the Republican tactic since their COMPLETE CONTROL of government began to fall apart in late 2006; "yeah were a bunch of lying corrupt thieves, but so are the Democrats . . . ". The truth however remains that the REPUBLICAN party had total control of this country’s government for 6 of the last 8 years . . . TOTAL CONTROL (they asked for it and they got it). With that total control, they spent nearly a trillion dollars invading the wrong country, attempted to grow the size of the federal government by more than the previous administration (a Democrat by the way) was able to shrink it, attacked the constitution attempting to remove checks on executive power, growing federal influence over issues of state sovereignty, spent more money then any other government in the history of civilization (quickly erasing the fiscally responsible balanced budget the previous Democratic administration was able to build) collapsed the credit system, nearly collapsed the commercial banking system through reckless non-regulation (now they have to bail out Fanne Mae – unthinkable just a few years ago), irresponsible tax policy and spending . . . I could go on for days here (with 6 years of total control the republican scandals and screw-up’s are truly nearly endless – not since the administration of Andrew Jackson more than a 100 years ago have we seen this kind of open avarice and corruption). While the Republicans (who where IN TOTAL CONTROL OF THE GOVERNMENT ) where creating all these big government messes and trying to chip away at that pesky constitution, they were also distracting the American people with insulting straw-dog garbage like “gay marriage” amendments to the constitution (which is about the biggest, big government thing I personally have heard In my entire life time – its unbelievable) meanwhile their buggering each other in air port bathrooms and offering male pages candy to play with their willies.
    Really you can try this “they all suck” distraction thing if you want. Especially if it makes you feel better about being duped into voting Republican. Make no mistake though, there is one party to blame for most of the substantial mess America is facing today and that party is clearly the Republican party. While I know Republicans are the last people to actually take responsibility for anything (this has been the number one mantra of the Bush Administration), if the members of that party don’t take control of it away from the special interests that are currently running it you will continue to be considered a fool by your leadership and continue to be treated as one.

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