Groups Urge Senate Not To Turn The Justice Department Into Hollywood's Private Police Force

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As we noted earlier this summer, Senator Patrick Leahy had introduced a companion bill to the House's dreadful Pro-IP bill, except that Leahy's bill went further. Beyond just adding a "Copyright Czar" position to the White House, it would authorize the Justice Department to start prosecuting civil copyright infringement lawsuits. In other words, it would have the government act as the private police for of the entertainment industry. This is scary stuff. Beyond already handing out unnecessary gov't granted monopolies, the gov't would now be using taxpayer money to settle business disputes from an industry that was only in trouble because it stubbornly refused to update its business model.

It's difficult to see why taxpayers should be paying FBI agents to protect one industry's obsolete business model.

A bunch of special interest groups made that argument to Senators this week, noting that it was a pure gift to Hollywood -- pointing out that all of the companies and groups in the industry already have their own enforcement arms, and it made little sense to have the FBI take part in private business disputes. Hopefully, there are still enough Senators who haven't been convinced by the propaganda provided by the entertainment industry on this issue to recognize what's actually at stake here.

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  1. identicon
    Hollywood_KARMA, 5 Dec 2009 @ 3:50am

    City Officials dirty Crimes Sheriff Baca CULT

    Keith Bolcar

    Radar online has posted information that Hilton money was donated to the cause of electing Baca to his office in the last election.

    It gets even more complex. Apparently Baca is a high level Scientologist, and has appeared at numerous Scientology fund-raising events and functions, according to celebrity blogger Janet Charlton.

    Baca is allegedly a big promoter of Scientology's front group Narconon, and Charlton reports that "last year was picketed at his home by residents of Leona Valley who didn't want a Narconon facility in their town."

    Charlton has posted a photo of Baca on the Scientology float in the Hollywood Christmas parade on her website.
    Paris ****** isn't the first celebrity given white glove treatment by the seemingly star struck Sheriff Lee Baca

    isn't the first celebrity given white glove treatment by the seemingly star struck Sheriff Lee Baca

    Michael Gennaco

    ex-federal prosecutor Michael Gennaco

    Last year, the Los Angeles Times reported Baca put one of his closest friends on the payroll as a $105,000-a-year adviser
    In 2004, according to Michael Blood, an AP reporter, "he (Baca) took more gifts than California's other 57 sheriffs combined."
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    Jonathan Page, a psychology professor at Minnesota State University–Mankato.
    Sheriff Baca: Scientology and his Cult December 2009 gets Investigated ... His KARMA is coming.

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