Groups Urge Senate Not To Turn The Justice Department Into Hollywood's Private Police Force

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As we noted earlier this summer, Senator Patrick Leahy had introduced a companion bill to the House's dreadful Pro-IP bill, except that Leahy's bill went further. Beyond just adding a "Copyright Czar" position to the White House, it would authorize the Justice Department to start prosecuting civil copyright infringement lawsuits. In other words, it would have the government act as the private police for of the entertainment industry. This is scary stuff. Beyond already handing out unnecessary gov't granted monopolies, the gov't would now be using taxpayer money to settle business disputes from an industry that was only in trouble because it stubbornly refused to update its business model.

It's difficult to see why taxpayers should be paying FBI agents to protect one industry's obsolete business model.

A bunch of special interest groups made that argument to Senators this week, noting that it was a pure gift to Hollywood -- pointing out that all of the companies and groups in the industry already have their own enforcement arms, and it made little sense to have the FBI take part in private business disputes. Hopefully, there are still enough Senators who haven't been convinced by the propaganda provided by the entertainment industry on this issue to recognize what's actually at stake here.

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  1. identicon
    Rebecca Davis, 10 Apr 2009 @ 4:12pm

    RE: How the FBI harrassed, framed, and administered drugs to me

    Dear Sir,

    Here is my story.
    I would like to speak with Mr. Ken Starr regarding the abuses that I have suffered by the FBI this last year. I have a large brain lesion from the drugs they have been administering to me illegally. I need some help and or advice from Ken because he was a former Federal Prosecutor. My Mom and I are exhausted and would like to abuses to stop. Here is what happened.

    April 9, 2009
    RE: During the last year the FBI has investigating me for fraud and has committed numerous felonies against me. They have done extremely cruel things to me to make me keep my mouth shut about their crimes. Here is my story.

    The Torrance Police Detectives (TPD) from the City of Torrance had been investigating me for fraud from approximately 2006, to March, 2008. If the detectives suspect that I did something wrong by all means they should do an investigation. However, the detectives were tough but the FBI grossly crossed the line in their investigation and broke many laws that violated my civil rights. The FBI did unspeakable cruel things to me that I could have never imagined could happen to anyone.
    Sometime in the summer 2006, the TPD visited my then landlords Boris and Melita Derezian (husband and wife) and asked questions about my character. The managers and I resided at: 8142 Redlands Street, Apt., 201, Playa del Rey, California 90293, and I resided in apartment #207. I lived there from 7/01 to 6/2007.
    The TPD stopped by to speak with Margot Cloward, my parents’ neighbor, sometime in 9/2006, and told her that they were investigating me for fraud. Margot told my mother, Yolanda Davis, that she spoke with the TPD. My mom did not disclose this with anyone.
    Sometime in late 2/2007 or early 3/2007, the TPD obtained a warrant to install cameras and listening devices in my apartment. They contacted Boris and Melita, and they let the TPD and their staff into my apartment. The TPD bumped into my neighbor, Jason, (who was living across the hall from me in apartment #206) and they showed their badges and told my neighbor not to say anything about seeing them.
    The TPD installed cameras and listening devices in my living room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, and bedroom. I was under surveillance and all of my activities were being recorded even in the bathroom. I was viewed in the bathroom undressing, being completely naked, using hair remover cream for my private areas, popping a zit on my vagina and using the toilet with no clothes. These surveillance tapes will be known as video #1. The surveillance was being conducted in a condo across the alley that was owned by an El Segundo police officer. The condo is located at the Seagate Village Condominium Complex at 8114 or 8128 Manitoba Street in Playa del Rey, CA 90293. The cross streets are Manitoba and Falmouth. Sometime before I moved out in 6/2007, copies of the video #1 were made and some of the TPD viewed video #1. When the FBI came in to assist the TPD in my fraud investigation, some FBI agents, FBI supervisors, and the FBI
    administration viewed the taped and were laughing and having a field day viewing video #1. Then in 12/2008, in order to threaten me to keep my mouth shut, the FBI made video #1 public.
    I moved out of my apartment on 6/9/2007, and moved in with my parents at
    1225 Fern Avenue, Torrance, CA 90503. Pilar and her 4 children were also living with my parents. Pilar and I never got along but I tolerated her because of her children.
    The Sunday right before I moved into my parents’ house, the TPD stopped by and met with Holt and Margo to see if they could use their house to do surveillance. Holt and Margo agreed. The undercover surveillance started right away. The undercover officer was a white heavy-set male somewhere in his 50’s. He had a mustache, and the hair on his head was thinning. He had a hair-trigger personality (gets mad fast). Then after about 2 or 3 months the surveillance initially stopped.
    Then in early 12/2008, the TPD continued their investigation by putting an undercover police officer at Holt and Margo’s house. The undercover detective was a white male, tall, slim had brown straight hair and had a good disposition. I could not understand why there was such a big investigation.
    In late 2007, or early 2008, I was receiving chiropractic treatment from Arthur Malkin D.C., at Malkin Chiropractic located at 1727 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance, CA 90501. The TPD approached another chiropractor, Dr. Hanh D. Builee, (a female) who rents space from Dr. Malkin, and asked her if they can install cameras and listening devices throughout the office and she agreed. Please note that Dr. Malkin and Dr. Builee have 2 separate practices. Each chiropractor has their own treatment areas and patients. Dr. Malkin, the owner of the center, has the majority of the office space and Dr. Builee rents 2 rooms located towards the front of the building. By the time the TPD contacted Dr. Builee, she already knew about the investigation because an Asian mailman who delivers mail to the Chiropractic Center told her.
    So the TPD were conducting surveillance next door at the Torrance Fire Station Headquarters located at 1701 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance, California 90501. The FBI agents were at the fire station and encouraged some firemen to watch me undress in Dr. Malkin’s treatment room.
    Employment Violations Committed by the FBI
    Finally in 1/2008, I was hired as a Paralegal by Amy Lawrence at Amy B. Lawrence and Associates located at 2550 Hollywood Way, Suite 202, Burbank, CA 91505. Her office phone numbers are 818-843-6442 and 818-843-6643, her cell phone number is 310-995-5864. I obtained this job through the UCLA Extension Attorney Assistant Program where I received my Paralegal Certificate in 10/04.
    My first day at work was on Monday, 1/28/08. I was being trained by Jennifer Rose, a Paralegal, who was leaving to move to Wisconsin. We ate lunch together and the TPD and FBI knew this because they were constantly watching me.
    Amy shared the office suite with another attorney, Neil Anapol, and his wife Caroline Seaman, who is a CPA. Although Amy and Neil split the rent, and share the expenses for the copy machine, water, Pitney bows machine, and fax machine, Neil claims to be a separate company from Amy. A counter argument to Neil’s claim is that he and Amy have both worked on numerous cases together including Oliveros v. CPCD. Amy asked Neil if he would pitch in for my salary and he replied “No.”
    In the beginning of 2/2008, Jennifer left the office to get something from her car. The FBI agents were waiting outside and saw Jennifer cross the parking lot and they approached her and told her that they were investigating me for fraud. Then the FBI asked Jennifer if she would be willing to download a spy-ware on my computer via e-mail and she agreed. Jennifer and the FBI agents exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Jennifer’s phone number at the time was 805-551-1150. The next day Jennifer downloaded the spy ware program onto my computer.
    During the first week in February, Jennifer and I went to International House of Pancakes for lunch a couple of times. While we were there we noticed an advertisement for the National Pancake Day special on 2/12/08 and we agreed to return to IHOP for this special. We invited Sherry Fields, a Paralegal intern (818-317-4715) and Caroline.
    It was National Pancake Day 2/12/2008, and Jennifer spoke to a TPD on her cell phone early that morning. The detective told Jennifer not to allow me to change where we would eat at the last minute. Jennifer assured the detective that we were going to IHOP and not to worry. Jennifer then told Sherry to insist that we go to IHOP for lunch and not to some other restaurant. At approximately 11:30a.m. Jennifer, Sherry, Caroline and I went to lunch. When we arrived IHOP the hostess recognized me and sat us at a table next to two undercover detectives. The hostess was told way in advance to seat us right next to the two detectives when we came in. The detectives were about as inconspicuous as a train wreck. I am a good sport so I played along.
    As we were eating lunch Caroline said that Neil had his wallet containing his driver license with his address had been stolen from the gym. She stated that she called the police to report the theft and to let them know that she and Neil live next door to a LAPD detective in order to ensure she received the presence of police officers near and around her house. The 2 detectives sitting at the booth next to us heard everything we said.
    Later that same day when we all got back to the office and Jennifer and Sherry went into the conference room to gossip. Jennifer told Sherry all about her encounter with the FBI and what they had said to me. Then about 5 minutes into Jennifer’s monologue Sherry came into the reception area and grabbed her purse that was sitting on a chair next to my desk. Then she walked back into the conference room.
    The next day, 2/13/2008, I purposely asked Amy in front of Jennifer if I could get my computer cleaned for cookies, viruses, spy ware, etc. Amy said yes, and Jennifer became unhinged and insisted that my computer only needed to be fragmented. It was priceless to see Jennifer desperately trying to convince Amy that my computer did not need to be cleaned of cookies, viruses and spy ware, etc. Jennifer removed her e-mail address that she received the spy-ware the e-mail that she received from the FBI. Sherry asked Jennifer to remove her information from my computer too.
    Shortly before Jennifer left Amy rented out her other office to an attorney named John Cahill. His phone number is 818-565-0440. John assists parents and guardians who want to prevent representatives from the State of California from taking away their kid/s.
    Neil and Caroline were contacted by the FBI and TPD and were told that I was being investigated for fraud. Again the FBI and Neil and Caroline exchanged their cell phone numbers, etc. One day Neil stormed into the office and came directly in front of my desk with a confrontational and angry look on his face. I knew that it was completely illegal for the FBI to contact my co-workers, employer, or any employee who I work with. The FBI asked Neil to tell Amy that I was a convicted felon, that I have had many jobs, and that they and the TPD were investigating me for fraud. The FBI failed to state that my felony conviction was reduced to a misdemeanor and was expunged in 1997.
    Neil came in on a weekend to have locks installed on his main file cabinet located behind his desk. Neil told John Cahill that I was being investigated by the FBI for fraud. John, on many occasions, spoke directly with the TPD and the FBI.
    Jennifer was moving to 1016 Providence Common, Sun Prarie, Wisconsin 53590, the following day to live with her boyfriend Brad Walters who was working as a manger for Fed Ex. We finished lunch and Jennifer left right after.
    Then the FBI made flyers with my picture on it and wrote that I was a convicted felon, and that I was currently being investigated for fraud. The FBI encouraged people who worked in the same office building to mistreat me. The fliers were passed out to all the offices in the 6 story building where I worked
    John Cahill along with Neil and Caroline would make daily if not semi-daily visits to Bob’s office to speak with the FBI and TPD. Whenever John had a client or guest in the office he would sometimes disclose the fact that the TPD and FBI were investigating me for fraud. One of John’s guests was a man named Mr. Smith, a criminal attorney, who was uncomfortable in the office because of this situation. And Neil told his friend, an attorney, who works on the 4th floor about the TPD investigation and the attorney would always give me nasty looks.
    Bob Amidon can be contacted at: 2550 Hollywood Way, Suite 502, Burbank, CA. His phone number is 818-556-4444 and his email address is, website
    Sometime in January, 2008, Pilar was in her car gossiping about the FBI and TPD and their investigation to her friend. Pilar did not know that there was a listening device and camera installed in her van by the TPD and that they were listening to every word that she was saying. The TPD approached Pilar and stated that I was being investigated for fraud. Every chance that Holt got he would make the situation worse.
    Pilar agreed to help the FBI & TPD in their investigation and she exchanged phone numbers with both agencies. After Pilar’s meeting with the TPD & the FBI she came home and told my mom, brother, younger sister. Pilar took a day off of work on a Thursday in February to meet with the FBI & TPD in person at the Torrance Police Department. Once Pilar got there the TPD turned on her and accused her of knowing something about my alleged fraudulent activities. She came home all upset because her tea party with the FBI & TPD did not go well.
    As soon as Neil told Amy that I was a convicted felon, and had many jobs, and that I was being investigated for fraud she asked me to give her the petty cash that was kept in my desk drawer, then she asked for the 2 company credit cards that were in my upper left hand drawer, and then she no longer asked me to write out her checks. I lost my value. It was around this time that the FBI installed cameras and listening devices in the office.
    2/21/2008 – I asked Amy if she would be willing to pay someone to clean my computer of spy ware, viruses, and cookies, etc. Amy said yes but she specifically told me not to get an unknown computer person out of the phone book. She said to ask Neil or Bob Amidon to give me a referral to one of their computer persons. I went to ask Caroline and Neil and they gave me the name and number of a Mr. David Borys at Business Technology Consultants, Inc. His contact information is: 21333 Oxnard Street, First Floor, Woodland Hills, CA. 91367. Cell number 818-883-1303, Fax: 818-883-3653, e-mail address:, web site: So I called David and he agreed to come to service my computer the following day on 2/22/08. Neil was listening to my conversation with David. Later that same day Neil contacted David and asked him if he would leave specific software programs on my computer, the ones that Jennifer
    downloaded from her e-mail, at the request of the FBI. Neil told David of the investigation and David agreed to help the FBI.
    2/22/08 – David came into the firm to clean my computer and purposefully left the spy-ware programs on my computer at the request of Neil and the FBI. I could not tell Amy what was going on because I did not want to get fired and she would have sued Neil. Neil and Caroline both knew that Jennifer downloaded the spy-ware programs on my computer and nobody told Amy.
    2/26/2008 – David came back for the second time to clean Amy’s computer. So after my computer was supposedly cleaned the FBI was still able to see my screen from their location and they began to change what I was typing. Sometimes when I would try to type up a pleading, letter, or any assignment that Amy would give me, an FBI agent would take out words, add words, or erase the pleading lines on the left hand side of the documents. Amy thought that I was a real idiot. The FBI told Neil and Caroline what they were doing and Neil and Caroline were laughing. No one told Amy what was going on for approximately 5 weeks. I did not want to continue working for Amy because of the toxic atmosphere. I wanted a career in the legal field not just a job. And Amy was the only employer that was willing to train with absolutely no experience.
    2/27/2008 – Amy had an Opposition for a Motion of Summary Judgment that had to be filed by 4pm at the LA Superior Court House. I made numerous copies and when the copier kept jamming and I had to make more copies for the motion, I suggested to Amy that we should ask Bob if we could use his copier. So off we went to Bob office. As Amy and I entered Bob’s office his secretary was sitting to our left and an undercover police officer was sitting across the room on a chair reading a magazine. Amy asked if we could make some copies and Bob’s secretary said yes. Bob came out to say hello and he was extremely nervous. Once Amy and I were done making copies we left the copy room, I bumped into the undercover officer, who was as quiet as a mouse, and I politely introduced myself as I extended my hand. He was speechless and shook my hand and said nothing. Amy and I returned to the office and Neil and Caroline were so quiet,
    literally speechless and they looked scared. It was if they were caught red handed.
    Falsely Accused of Trying to Kill Someone
    In late February I got into a verbal altercation with Pilar. She told Joe that I was being difficult and exaggerated the story to make herself out to be the victim. Then on the last Sunday in February, I went into my Dad’s room to visit with him and Joe was there. Joe saw me he began to verbally attack me right in front of our Father who lay dying. After Joe and I exchanged words, I slammed the door after I left the room. Then Pilar yelled out, “She is going to kill somebody.”
    Pilar and Joe turned around and called the TPD and FBI and stated that I was going to kill somebody in order to get me in further trouble. The TPD and FBI had no proof other than Pilar’s, Joe’s, word. I never said that I was going to kill anybody nor did I make any statement whatsoever to harming anyone.
    I had been receiving physical therapy from Dr. Arthur Malkin in Torrance, CA. The TPD and the FBI told Dr. Malkin that I was going to kill somebody. And every time I went into Dr. Malkin’s office for therapy he would always bring up the subject of murder. It was obvious what was happening. During my visit with Dr. Malkin I had to routinely denounce people who attempted to kill other on a regular basis. It was like a part-time job having to convince people that I was not a dangerous person. When I was a child I used to fight with my siblings by pulling hair, biting, hitting, kicking, etc.
    Then in the middle of March, Joe, the regular mailman, took a vacation for one week. The substitute mailman was from Cambodia and he was told all about the investigation on me before he even came into the office. He was told to look at all of the outgoing mail and bring all and any letters that I was mailing out to the FBI.
    2/29/2008 I had had enough from the FBI. I was at work talking to Caroline about the Oliveros case that involved numerous employment law violations. I then mentioned that it was illegal for the police to contact someone’s employer, co-workers, or anyone that a person works with during an investigation. Caroline immediately replied, “I know.” She had a scared look on her face when she said this and we both knew what she was talking about. Of course Caroline went back and told the TPD and FBI what I had said and the very next day the FBI stopped their investigation and I was okay. Their timing was impeccable. The TPD and FBI had been conducting surveillance at Mike and Evelyn Valdovinos’ house next door too.
    On Saturday, 3/1/2008 and Mike and Evelyn Valdovinos and their 3 kids moved back into their house. They had been renting it out to the City of Torrance for sometime so that the TPD and FBI could conduct their surveillance. The TPD and FBI told Mike and Evelyn that I was okay. Later that morning Mike stopped by to speak with my Mom and he told her that the police and FBI investigation had ended and that the TPD said that I was okay. I was outside getting something from my car that was parked on the street. As I was closing the trunk of my car Mike walked by and said hello and I responded, “Oh you’re back.” He became uncomfortable and ran back home and called the FBI and they told them that I knew of the surveillance that was taking place at his house and that he was afraid that I might do something. And with this the FBI decided that they would arrest me for making that comment to Mike. The FBI could not wait to
    show off how much power they had in front of other law enforcement agencies with less power.
    Now it’s Monday 3/3/2008 and the FBI kept erasing and adding things to the documents that I was trying to do at work on my computer. I would quickly and desperately try to fix the errors that they were creating on the documents and then print the document/s. The FBI agents got so out of hand that I could not do my work because of what they were doing. Then Neil went to Bob’s office right after this happened and he was told by a cop that I was going to get arrested later that same day. Neil went and told Caroline and Amy. Then John Cahill went to speak with the cop across the hall at Bob’s office and the cop told John that I was going to be arrested that same day and that I was going to prison for a long time.
    So, later that same day I knew I had to get an attorney. I knew that Amy’s two business lines and my cell phone were tapped, so I decided to get the local phone book out and look up an attorney and I did. I could not go on because the FBI and TPD would know where I was going and prevent me from getting to the attorney’s office. I had to pick an attorney that listed his or her address in the phone book. I found attorney nearby and asked Neil for simple directions how to get to a particular street. Neil asked if I was going to go and look at an apartment nearby and I said yes. So Neil unknowingly gave me directions to Brand Blvd. Shortly thereafter I took my lunch and went to speak to an attorney at his office. The TPD and the FBI followed me there. The attorney assured me that if the TPD arrested me that it would be a very foolish thing for them to do because the TPD or the FBI did not have any
    evidence of any wrongdoing on my part. After speaking to the attorney I felt better and went back to work. Then I noticed that everyone in the office was really quiet and that Neil, Caroline, and John were really nervous and no one would look me in the eye. I knew what the FBI was up to. They were going to make up some bogus charge and send me to prison for a long time. Then I finished work at about 5p.m., and Neil was leaving too and he said that he would walk out with me. On the way to the elevator he was smug. As we walked out the front doors of the building he continued to be quiet arrogant. I got to my car and he was still talking and then I stated, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Neil replied, “I doubt that.” I was thinking if you only knew. I ignored his comment and got into my car.
    I began to drive home and once I turned onto Fern Avenue, I noticed that all the neighbors had their drapes open as well as their blinds. In all the years that I have lived on Fern I have never seen a time when all the neighbors had their blinds up and drapes open simultaneously. I guess the whole street was waiting to see a show. As I was driving up to my house I saw Evelyn and one of her daughters running from Chris Knox’s house across her front lawn in a panic. I parked and came inside the house, visited with my Dad and then went to bed.
    The next day on 3/4/2008, I went to work and sat at my desk. I was so amazed when Amy called me around 8:30a.m. She was really taken back when I answered the phone. She said that she was just checking to see if I came in to work. This was an odd thing to say. Amy was at first speechless because she did not know what to say and then made some excuse for calling me.
    Then later that morning Neil and Caroline opened the door to the office and slowly walked in. Both of them looked shocked, flabbergasted, and scared. I said good morning to both of them and continued doing my work. Both of them to their offices and were quiet. John came in and was so surprised to see me and he went in directly to his office. Later that morning Joe the mailman came into the office to drop off the mail and he looked at me in total disbelief.
    Then on 3/6/2008, I finally had a face to face meeting with Bruce at his office in Torrance at 6:30p.m. When I met with Bruce that evening he was very cold and distant. Once I sat down in Bruce’s office he had all of my medical records on his desk in binders and then told me that he did not think that I had a case and that I could take my records with me. I knew why he did not want to help me with my case. I asked Bruce to just please settle the cases with a phone call or two and he reluctantly agreed
    I got home around 7:30 p.m. and a few hours later my Dad passed away. It was an extremely tough time for me but this did not seem to stop the FBI from continuously harassing me.
    Then on March 12, 2008 at 10 a.m., I attended my Dad’s funeral. Mrs. Marlowe my third grade teacher was there and she gave me a terrible look. Evelyn Valdovinos attends the same church as Mrs. Marlowe and Evelyn and Mike. Mike and Evelyn had the nerve to show up at my Dad’s funeral after allowing the TPD to do surveillance at their house. After Mike complained to the FBI and TPD that I knew Mike allowed the TPD to do surveillance at their house, watch and anticipate my arrest, bad mouth me to anyone who would listen to them at their church. And after my Dad’s funeral Mike and Evelyn were smiling at me. I was polite. These people are so clueless that it’s scary.
    I went back to work the following Monday, 3/16/2008, and I noticed that Amy’s two business lines were no longer tapped. The FBI would follow me to the various restaurants I went out for lunch. The TPD and the FBI backed off a bit after I went in to speak with an attorney. However, Neil constantly called the TPD and FBI from his cell phone and gave them minute to minute report of what I was doing. If I made a phone call to the Daily Grill to order my lunch, Neil would get on his phone and call them and say that I was going to the Grill to pick up my lunch. Next thing I know there is a undercover officer following me there standing right next to me as I paid for my food. The FBI and the TPD encouraged the employees at the Daily Grill to mistreat me. Amy the hostess was especially rude to me. So I stopped going in the Daily Grill. The situation became so petty that when I would bring my lunch back to the office and sit
    and eat at my desk, Neil would come by to see what I was eating then he would start dialing his cell phone as he walked out of the office into the hallway.
    My work, home, and social life were toxic. The FBI infiltrated my work, they contacted family members and disclosed why I was being investigated, and the FBI started going to my friends’ houses and interviewing them and disclosing why I was being investigated. My friends stopped calling me.
    By the end of 3/2008, I had had enough and Amy was tired of all the drama. So she called Neil and John on 3/27/2008, and told them that I was going to get fired the following day. Neil contacted the TPD and FBI told them that I was going to get fired the very next day. The FBI told Neil to tell Amy to tell me as soon as she fired me, “To get off the property immediately.” Amy did not know where this statement originated from, but Neil and the FBI did.
    3/28/08 Amy called me into her office and told me that she had to let me go and that I needed to get off the property immediately. I graciously thanked Amy for the opportunity, handed her my keys, and wished her luck. Neil and Caroline were in the very next office listening to everything that was going on. I guess they were waiting for me to get mad, but I was relieved to leave the toxic situation. As I was leaving Amy said I thought you were going to give me a hard time about it. And I responded why would I get mad? Sometimes things just don’t work out.
    After I stopped working for Amy I began looking for another attorney closer to home. And I went to the ACLU in Los Angeles and I was followed by an undercover cop.
    Sometime in late March or early April the FBI took over the investigation from the TPD and told them that they no longer have jurisdiction over my case. When the FBI took over things got much worse. The FBI manipulated my Mom by first asking her to put a listening device and cameras in our home to monitor me and when she refused the FBI told her, “If you are not doing anything illegal then you should have no reason not to allow us to install cameras and listening devices in your house.” Mom then reluctantly allowed the FBI to do what they wanted.
    Shortly thereafter, during the first week in August, I tried to kill myself by taking a bottle of Ativan, and pain medication. I was so distraught by the being investigated for so long that I just wanted to be left alone. The FBI was watching me via camera when I tried to kill my self and they brought in the paramedics to revive me, but they did not take me to a hospital where I could get the proper medical attention as required by law.
    Then the FBI convinced my Mom to give me lithium. Nobody asked me if I wanted the lithium. During the first week in 8/2008, my Mom began putting the lithium in my food and drinks at our house. One day I went to get a bottle of 7 up out of the refrigerator and when I began to drink it and the soda tasted very bitter. And then later I ate a can of tuna that had already been opened but uneaten and then I began having hot flashes and feeling like there were bugs biting me.
    Then on Friday, 8/08/2008, after about a week, I discovered that the medication that I was given by the FBI via my Mom was lithium. When I confronted my Mom about the lithium she was giving me she became very nervous and ran out of the house. Later she returned in the afternoon and insisted on leaving the back door open. The FBI told her to leave the back door open in case I tried to harm her. The FBI was doing and is still doing surveillance on both sides of the house and behind the house.
    Sunday, 8/10/2008, I called and left a message on my attorney’s answering machine confirming our appointment for Monday 8/11/08 at 10am. Some FBI agents were listening to my message and were afraid that I was going to tell on them. The FBI heard this message and ran over to my attorney’s office before I got there the following day. And by the time I arrived at my attorney’s office at 10am the FBI had installed cameras and listening devices in my attorney’s office because the FBI wanted to know if I was going to tell on them. The FBI manipulated Bruce in allowing them to do this.
    8/20/2008 – I began typing a complaint about the actions of the TPD on a word document on my home computer. I listed the date and what the detectives had done. I mentioned that the TPD illegally made copies of the video #1. I was preparing a complaint to give to my attorney. I did not know that the FBI was snooping on my computer and saw the complaint. The FBI thought that the reason I tried to kill myself was because of what the TPD and firemen had done. I never wrote that nor did I ever imply that in my complaint. The FBI agents began to investigate the police and pretended to obtain video #1. Thereafter some cops and firemen were arrested and prosecuted in federal court for my attempted suicide because of the video#1. Although I was greatly upset by what they did I did not try to kill myself because of it. I tried to kill myself because the FBI was brutally harassing me. Sometime in August the FBI asked my Mom for a
    copy of the key to our house and reluctantly my Mom gave them a key.
    8/26/2008 – I decided to take a mini vacation and get away for a couple of days. I drove to Sacramento and the FBI chased me like a rare animal. Once I got to Sacramento I checked in at the American Inn located on 16th Street. I paid for 2 nights and went up to my room to take a nap. A few hours later I woke up and got dressed to go out and have dinner. As I was leaving the room, the last thing I did was that I turned the air conditioner on low. I came back a few hours later and noticed 2 female FBI agents in the parking lot. I went up to my room and the first thing that I noticed was that someone had shut off the air conditioner. It was an older model the kind that you have to push the buttons down to turn it to high, low or off. I was so angry that the FBI had gone in the room when I was gone to install cameras and listening devices. I was not free and I have not had any privacy. I went and confronted
    the manager and received a refund for 1 night. I left and drove to the EconoLodge on highway 99.
    I then drove back approximately 76 miles to Sacramento. I went into a candy store located by the old train museum to buy some postcards. As I was coming out of the store I noticed 2 male FBI agents sitting on a bench outside. They were watching me, one was calm and the second guy was calm but unnerved. As I sat next to one of them to finish my frozen yogurt I noticed 2 additional male FBI agents walk up towards me. The third agent was a husky Pilipino/Latin man that was acting like he was going to physically attack me. He was aggressive towards me and wanted to threaten me. I left and drove back to Torrance. Then an FBI supervisor told the Torrance Police Officers and other law enforcement agencies to harass me. The law enforcement officers knew that they had to follow the directions of the FBI. The FBI likes to use cops to do their dirty work and if anything goes wrong then the cops take the wrap. Since the various law
    enforcement agencies believed that I was responsible for complaining to the FBI which resulted in their co-workers respective prison sentences some of the cops were glad to have access to me.
    9/1/2008 - I took some of the medication that my doctor had given me for anxiety and depression: Zoloft and Effexor. Then I took some Ativan 2mg for anxiety and then I left to run errands and go to a doctor’s appointment. As I was driving I realized that some of the medication I took was not my usual medication because I began to feel dizzy. Then I began to have a full blown panic attack from all the stress that I was under being harassed by the FBI. As I was driving, I began seeing dark circles then I passed out. When I woke up I realized that I was still in my car and put my foot on the break and came to a complete stop. A cop asked me to get out of the car and I did. He then gave me a breathalyzer test and I passed. Then the cop asked me to put my arms up and out to my sides and I did. He was shocked that I could do this and said that he was going to arrest me for a DUI anyways. I am sure that he was angry with me because he
    thought that I was the reason that some of his co-workers had been arrested by the FBI because for my attempted suicide. The cop failed to read me my rights or ask me if I needed any medical care. I was taken to the police station and booked for a DUI. I was released shortly thereafter. The FBI was there at the police station the whole time calling all the shots. My driver’s license was taken away from me. My car was towed to Van Lingen Towing in Torrance. It was later taken to Ron’s Auto Body for repairs.
    9/2/2008 – I rented a car from Enterprise. As I was driving home, I began to have a serious panic attack and my vision became blurry and I side swiped a car that was parked on Torrance Blvd., in front of a laundry mat. I stopped and did not see anyone inside the white car so I left a note on the car with my name, phone number and insurance information. I noticed that my front right tire was flat so I drove to Volero gas station located at Torrance Blvd. and Crenshaw Blvd., and asked the mechanic to change the tire. Then almost immediately a cop pulled into the gas station and ordered the mechanic to stop changing the tire. Then the cop directed his attention to Blaine, the man whose car I struck moments earlier. Blaine pulled into the station at the same time that the cop did, and the cop told Blaine that he could not talk to me. Then the cop took my purse away from me and stated, “What are we going to do with you”? As if he was repeating
    what somebody else had said. Then he took my purse away and rummaged through it and then put handcuffs on me and put me in the back of the squad car. The cop failed to ask me if I needed medical help, never told me why I was being arrested, and failed to read me my Miranda Rights. The cop then drove me home. I never told him where I lived nor was there anything in my purse with my address written on it. Later the FBI came back and threatened the mechanic, cashier, and Blaine to keep their mouths shut about what happened. They were scared and all agreed to comply with the FBI.
    9/10/2008 – The FBI purposefully isolated me from my Mom and friends. They asked my Mom if she could go to Orange County to visit with Pilar until they told her to come back. My Mom was working directly for the FBI, assisting them in administering drugs to me by putting the drugs in my food at home, dropping pills in my drinks at home, and switching out cigarettes with various drugs in them. She was impressed by the FBI and scared of them too.
    Since I was given Lithium by the FBI, I knew that they wanted to get rid of that drug from my system in case I tried to sue them. When I went out to a liquor store, market, or any place that sold cigarettes near my house the clerks at these respective places would recognize me and knew the brand of cigarettes that I smoked. Once I walked into a store and mentioned that I need a pack of cigarettes. The clerk asked, “Marlboro Lights.?” I was flabbergasted. I never saw this particular clerk before and how would he know what brand of cigarettes I smoked? The answer is because the FBI knew what brand I smoked by watching me constantly and dropped off the cigarettes with drugs that were to be sold to me if I came in to the store. The FBI showed the clerks my picture so the clerks and cashiers knew exactly who to sell the cigarettes with drugs to. Sometimes when I went to smoke a cigarette my heart would race and then I would get
    extremely thirsty afterwards. This is the side effects of the drug that would most likely get rid of the Lithium in my body. Other times I would some a cigarette and the cigarette would make my gums numb and my heart race. When I realized what I was smoking I would stop. So the FBI began another tactic. They began sending agents with drugs to the restaurants that I frequented. For example: If I was going through the drive thru and placed an order, the FBI was listening via their listening devices that were placed in my car. An FBI agent would then go inside the restaurant and give drugs to the employees, usually the cooks to place in my food. This has happened so many times.
    I tried hiring numerous attorney’s who specialized in civil-rights violations to help me but the attorneys were told by the FBI not to take my case.
    9/1/2008, I began to have a melt down in my room and the FBI was watching me via their listening devices and cameras. They were happy to molest and hurt me. It was as if the FBI were more concerned showing off their power than administering justice. The FBI has been obsessed with covering up their crimes than leaving me alone. The FBI turned around and showed this video to the good cops and they were horrified. This seriously backfired on the FBI.
    9/11/2008 – I had an appointment to see a doctor at the Harbor UCLA Mental Health Clinic in Torrance. The FBI did not want me to disclose the fact that they illegally gave me lithium and other drugs. So as I got into my car to go to the appointment an FBI helicopter began to follow me. The helicopter followed me all the way to the Clinic. This was there way of intimidating me to keep my mouth shut about what they did. I went in to see the doctor and as I was waiting in the lobby, I noticed a handful of FBI agents there too. I saw my doctor briefly and he gave me some prescriptions and I left. I went to the pharmacy across the street on Carson Street and got my prescriptions filled. The bottle of Ativan 1mg did not have Ativan in it. There was some other drug or pseudo pill in the bottle of medication. This happened before over at my last Pharmacy in Inglewood on Hardy Street. After I left the pharmacy I went to Jack-in the –Box and
    then I went to buy some flowers. I then went to the cemetery and then to the Torrance Doctor’s Group and the FBI helicopter followed me the whole day. Once I returned to my house I parked my car and went inside. The FBI agents in the helicopter had plenty of room to land their helicopter next to my house on a side lot but they did not.
    9/15/2008 I went on a vacation to Moudon, Switzerland. I could not enjoy my vacation because I wanted the harassment from the FBI to end. So I called Mr. Alan Boch, who wrote the book, “How the FBI set the Weaver Family up to Cut Them Down,” who works at the Orange County Register Newspaper in Santa Ana, CA. I went home and meet with Mr. Boch on 9/28/2008. After I spoke to Mr. Boch he told the FBI that I needed some help. By the time I got home the FBI had already spoken to my Mom and told her that if I agree not to sue them that they will help me with a civil-rights law suit against the City of Torrance. When my Mom conveyed this information to me I said, “NO.”
    In the begging of October/2008 I contacted, which is an organization on the east coast that helps people who have been mistreated by any law enforcement officer/s or law enforcement agency. I spoke with Mr. Dodi Kamau, a former Hawthorne Police Officer, who owns and runs the business. I mentioned that I had a problem with the TPD and the FBI. I mentioned on more than one occasion that I wanted to go after the FBI and Mr. Kamau agreed to help me. Each time I spoke with Mr. Kamau the FBI were listening on the phone. The FBI agents were able to manipulate Mr. Kamau by making him think that they really wanted to discipline the agents that threatened me. So the FBI told Mr. Kamau that they were going to fire the agents that threatened me. Kamau said that the FBI agents who threatened me were going to get fired. How on earth could Kamau know this information? I told Mr. Kamau that I did not need his services
    and that I wanted a refund for the $1,500.00 that I had already paid him. He agreed and I am still waiting on the refund.
    I decided to live in Venezuela for awhile. Shortly before I traveled to Venezuela on 10/20/2008, I found out that the FBI made a terrible mistake by arresting the cops and firemen and convicting them erroneously because the FBI thought that the cops and firemen were responsible for my attempted suicide. This horrible mistake would not have happened if the FBI had conducted a responsible investigation and asked me questions before jumping to conclusions. Once I found out of the FBI's terrible mistake I began to tell people. The FBI listened to every word that I said via the phone, in my house and in my car. The FBI went and threatened the people that I had told to keep their mouths shut. It was more important for the FBI not to look bad, incompetent, and stupid to others than to admit that they had made a mistake and release those cops and firemen from prison. Once the FBI felt that they were going to be exposed they released
    the cops and firemen from prison and told everyone that I am mentally ill and that I lied to them in their investigation. I never spoke to the FBI about anything nor did I ever put anything in writing as to the reason that I attempted suicide.
    Then the FBI started a campaign that I am mentally ill. Their timing was impeccable. The FBI wanted to make sure that I had absolutely no credibility in case I tried to tell anyone the truth. The FBI then showed the video of my melt down on 9/10/2008, to the public and told people that I am mentally ill so that nobody would believe me when I told the truth. When I left to move to Venezuela the FBI told people that I was on the run.

    10/20/2008 – I flew from Los Angeles to Venezuela via Continental Airlines. (It was too humid and hot to stay.)
    10/20/2008 I flew from Venezuela to Havana, Cuba.
    10/20/2008 I stayed at the Riviera Hotel in Havana. 10/21/2008 I stayed a second night at the Riviera Hotel.
    10/22/2008 I stayed at the Park View Inn for one night in midtown Havana.
    10/23/2008 I took a taxi to the Moka Hotel in the countryside
    10/29/2008 I flew from Havana, Cuba to Mexico City Mexico via Mexicana Airlines and stayed with my Aunt Aida for a few days.
    11/2/2008 I went to look for an apartment in Mexico City and found one in Colonial Roma.
    11/8/2008 I took a trip via bus to Puebla, Mexico to visit my cousins: Tita, Alijandra, and Gabby Uriarte.
    11/2008 I went to Boise Idaho.
    11/19/2008 I went to Atlanta Georgia. The first night I stayed at Motel 8 in downtown Atlanta. Then I stayed at the Savanah Suites for almost a week.
    11/28/2008 – I stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn, located at
    134 Peachtree Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia
    30303. I stayed on the 12th Floor in room 1201.
    12/1/2008 I went to visit my fourth grade teacher, Sister Phyllis, in Newark New Jersey. I told her about the FBI abuse and she told me that it would be better to go back home and be near my family.
    12/8/2008, I returned home to Torrance, CA. A few days later I had the locks changed and gave my Mom and new key and asked her not to give a copy to the FBI. Later she would give a copy of the key to the FBI. Then I began to notice after I ate certain foods my heart would start racing, or my brain would feel like it was frying, I would feel a terrible pain in my stomach from the drugs in that were in the food. I confronted my Mom and she began to cry as she put her head down and said the FBI made me do it.
    My friends were afraid to say anything about the FBI over the phone and it seemed like every person that I told my situation to were to afraid to help me. The FBI continuously lied to people and told them that I did bad things: That I took heavy drugs, beat my younger sister up, asked her to chop my cocaine for me, that I showed her my genitals, that I am mentally ill, that I do not want to work, that I am a thief, that they were investigating me because I was a dangerous person and might kill somebody, and that I took many illegal drugs and got into my car and passed out and almost killed somebody etc. When I would go out into the public people would give me such terrible looks for things I did not do. Clearly the FBI has been doing a smear campaign to discredit me so that when I tell people the truth nobody will believe me.
    12/9/2008 - I spoke to my criminal attorney, Bruce McGregor, today regarding my DUI case. He told me that I am being charged with a DUI and a Hit & Run. When I was arrested and charges I was only charged with a DUI. Now that I am not agreeing to keep my mouth shut about the FBI and the felonies that they have committed against me, I now have an additional charge of a hit and run, and now there is a nurse who signed a medical form saying that my blood was drawn on 9/1/2008. When I was arrested on 9/1/2008, I was taken directly to the Torrance Police Station. Bruce told me that the police report states that I was taken to Torrance Memorial Hospital and was given a blood test by a nurse S. Kabiling. I was never taken to Torrance Memorial Hospital on 9/1/2008, and I never had a blood test anywhere on that date. The FBI told the Torrance Police that they could attack me, and Officer Stark from the Torrance Police Department did just
    that. He arrested me for a DUI even though I passed the first test and was not administered a second test. Now that the FBI is scared that I am going to release the names of the FBI agents that committed the felonies against me, they are trying to threaten me to keep my mouth shut. So if I talk to anyone that can help me stop the harassment then I will have a bad outcome regarding my conviction of the DUI and Hit & Run charges. Bruce McGregor told me that he has in his possession a medical authorization release form that someone signed my name to. The FBI is behind this and they are going to frame me for having a blood or alcohol level or drugs in my system other than what I had. I did not sign my name the way it is signed on the form.
    The FBI in order to intimidate me to keep my mouth shut and not release the names of the agents who committed crimes against me and to avoid a big scandal, spent much time and energy gathering up men and showing them the video of me naked in the bathroom. Yes. This actually happened.
    12/13/2008 – I went to a gun information class at Sharpshooters in Torrance, Ca. I purchased a gun on 12/9/2008 and would be able to pick it up on 12/19/2008. The gun was for protection at home.
    Later that day I went to an MRI center in Torrance to have an MRI of my head, neck, and back. My body had still been hurting from the 9/1/2008 accident. After I had my MRI’s the receptionist told me that the Radiologist already saw the films at his house and that he wanted me to come back and take another MRI of my head with contrast. I asked what this was and she said that it was a more extensive MRI where the Radiologist needed to inject a clear liquid into me before the MRI.
    12/18/2008 I received a call from Detective Metzger from the Torrance Police Department. He politely asked me if I could come into to speak to him about the 3 page letter that I faxed over to the Library in late November. I mentioned that I did not have an attorney and would feel more comfortable having one when I went into meet with him. He stated that he understood.
    12/19/2008, I picked up my gun from Sharp Shooters in Torrance.
    I called the MRI Center to see if my MRI reports were ready and they were. Rochelle, the receptionist, faxed my MRI reports of my head, neck and back to Dr. Malkin. I spoke with Dr. Malkin moments later and he told me that I had a brain lesions. The Radiologist, Dr. Gold, stated in his report that the brain lesions were from: 1) Toxic Histoplasmosis a parasite from an animal or bird. Histoplasmosis, also known as Darling's disease,[1][2] is a disease caused by the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum. Symptoms of this infection vary greatly, but the disease primarily affects the lungs. Occasionally, other organs are affected —this is called disseminated histoplasmosis, and it can be fatal if untreated. Histoplasmosis is common among AIDS patients because of their lowered immune system. 2)A possible abscess, 3) A possible pork tape worm, 4) or a malignant tumor.
    I did some research on the internet to find out more about what causes lesions on the brain. First, I learned that the definition of a lesion is any abnormal tissue found on or in an organism, usually damaged by disease or trauma. Lesions are caused by any process that damages tissue: 1) Trauma, including electrocution and chemical burns can also cause lesions, 2) Certain diseases present lesions, for example: skin deformities caused by chicken pox. Lesions can also be caused by a metabolic process, like an ulcer, autoimmune activity like arthritis.
    During the last year I have lost most of my friends because of the situation with the FBI. My friends are not allowed to discuss the FBI with me. And my younger sister is not allowed to contact me as per the request of the FBI. They do this to have a false sense of control and so many people know that something is terribly wrong. Anne Paul, a friend and former co-worker was told not to contact me.
    12/20/2008 – I went to Little Company of Mary Hospital in Torrance to get medical care for my brain lesions. My head had been hurting very badly and it felt like my brain was swollen and pushing up against my skull. When I was first taken into the Emergency Room for supposed care, a nurse immediately took me to the bathroom and asked me to pee in a cup and then after I peed in the cup the nurse took my urine away. I then saw Dr. Artzner and asked if I could get a urinalysis and a blood test to see what type of drugs the FBI had been putting in my cigarettes, food and beverages. I told Dr. Artzner that I thought that the brain lesions came from chemical burns on my brain. The FBI went too far in their sick investigation. I asked if the doctor could see if I still had any Lithium in my system, and I described the other drugs that were given to me (as recent as a few days ago) and he said that the drugs were probably out of my system. First he said that
    he would test my urine for Lithium and then 4 hours later he told me that he never ordered a test to see what was in my urine. If the doctor never had the intention of doing a urinalysis then what was the rush to get my urine when I first came in? Was it so that the FBI could test my urine and see for themselves what drugs were still left in my system? Some of the doctors and nurses in the Emergency Room were laughing at me while I was there because they knew that I was not going to get any medical treatment. I asked the doctor for medication to reduce the swelling in my brain and he refused to help me. I felt sick. FBI agents were there in the Emergency Room with smirks on their faces.
    12/23/2008 I had just sent out a few faxes to news organizations asking for help. Less than an hour later I received a call from an officer Phillips from the Torrance Police Department telling me to step outside because there were some police officers wanting to speak with me outside. I asked what was the reason and Officer Phillips said that I would have to speak with the officers to find out. I went outside and 4 officers were there and two of them had their guns drawn and pointing at me. Officer Fujimoto asked if I had a gun in the house and I said yes. Two officers went into the house and confiscated my gun along with some of my papers. I was repeatedly asked how I got along with my mom and then a man who identified himself as Det. Barger said that I told him that I wanted to kill my Mom. I was placed in handcuffs and taken to Harbor UCLA Psychiatric Hospital for observation. Officer Fujimoto told the Psychiatrist that I had a gun with one bullet
    in it and that someone had reported that I was going to kill myself, my Mom and a neighbor. Then without the Dr. interviewing me or even asking me a few questions, I was checked in to the hospital on a 72 hour hold. The doctors and some of the male nurses thought the whole situation was extremely funny. Almost immediately after my arrival Dr. Brian Wardwell, a psychiatrist, who I once saw for prescriptions for depression and anxiety was there and told me that I was already diagnosed with paranoia schizophrenia. I knew that I was being framed and at this point the FBI got so many people involved that it was really scary. Later that day around 6p.m., I was transported to the permanent psychiatric award located on the 8th floor West.
    12/24/2008 – The whole male staff at the hospital had seen the videos of me naked in the bathroom and now the staff knew that I was taken into the psychiatric hospital on bogus charges and was being framed. After all the staff had the backing of the FBI and some of the staff members were cruel to me. They could see how I was suffering and they laughed at me because they knew of the situation and that I could do nothing about it.
    The entire psychiatric unit (8th floor West) was extremely cold. I complained a few times of how cold it was and I was repeatedly told that the heater was broken. If the heater was broken well that was one thing but the air conditioner could have been turned off. I was wondering why it was necessary for the FBI to keep the unit so cold that it made my skin numb. I would later find out.
    Then around 10am, I was taken into a room to speak with Dr. Brian Wardwell, and his supervisor Dr. Makhinson, Robin, who was later identified as a social worker, and some other people who I had never seen before. Dr. Makhinson spoke down to me and thought the whole situation was really funny. He said that I was being held because it was reported that I was going to kill myself and other people too. I never said that I was going to kill myself or anyone else so I was really curious where he obtained this information. I asked where he got this information and he said that he got it from my Mom, Dr. Arthur Malkin, and some of my neighbors. How on earth did Dr. Makhinson and Dr. Wardell even know that Dr. Malkin was my chiropractor. Dr. Malkin was not there when I was taken into custody, but somehow Dr. Makhinson and Dr. Wardwell had Dr. Malkin’s number and called him to obtain information about me. This was a miracle.
    12/25/2008 – It was just after midnight and as I was lying in bed I felt as if someone had just given me an injection of something. When I woke up I saw a tall black man leaving my room. I got out of bed and walked into the hallway and he hurried of to get rid of something. I walked up to him and began speaking to him and he was nervous. By then my feet had been itching and stinging for a couple of minutes and it was a reaction or side effect of the drugs that he had just given me.
    My Mom called the psychiatric ward and I spoke to her briefly. I told her that Det. Barger and Officer Fujimoto stated that she mentioned to them that she was afraid that I was going to hurt her. My Mom said that she never told anyone that and that the police were lying. The police were lying but the FBI told the police to lie. The FBI sent the local police to do their dirty work. The FBI never show up in person to do their dirty work because they are cowards. They force the police who has less authority than they do to do their dirty work.
    12/26/2008 I met with Dr. Wardwell and he was too interested in the fact that I had not given any labs. He asked me if I was afraid of what the test results might find. I was taken back by his stupid comment and question. Since we both knew that I was taken into the hospital under false pretenses and that I was given an injection without my permission. The FBI was desperately trying to hide the fact that they had been administering drugs to me since 8/2008, and would do anything to hide their crimes. Even if this meant to give me an injection of the HIV virus so that it would be difficult for any scientist to say how exactly I got the brain lesions. The FBI has been telling the public terrible lies against me and then showing men the surveillance tapes that had of me naked in the bathroom to dehumanize me and discredit me and to threaten me to keep my mouth shut. Simultaneously I was and have been having bad headaches from the brain
    lesion, stomachaches from the drugs in my food. The public has been brainwashed that I am a bad person so if my story ever went public the FBI thinks that they have their ass covered.
    12/29/2008 I had a haring at Harbor UCLA’s psychiatric ward. The hearing officer would decide whether I was 1) a danger to myself, 2) a danger to other people, 3) and gravely disabled. During the hearing Dr. Wardwell brought up the fact that I thought that the FBI had shown the public the surveillance tapes of me naked in the bathroom. Dr. Wardwell did not know that the hearing officer had seen the surveillance tapes of me naked in the bathroom. The hearing officer knew that I was being framed and did not like what was going on. However, he like the others had been told what to do by the FBI. He found that I was not a danger to other people, but that I might be a danger to myself and that I was gravely disabled. Soon after the hearing I saw the hearing officer in the hallway and he was so disgusted with what happened to me that he could not look me in the eyes and left the psychiatric ward.
    12/31/2008 I had a hearing at he downtown psychiatric courthouse and was it a sham.
    1/6/2009 I was released from the Harbor UCLA Psychiatric ward and went home with my Mom.
    The FBI wanted to make sure that I do not tell on them for brutally harassing me. So on Friday, 7/9/2009 my Mom stated that Dr. Wardwell said that I told him that the reason I had purchased a gun was to shoot Margo and Holt Cloward. I could hardly believe me ears. The FBI put Dr. Wardwell up to making this statement. So Margo and Holt filed the proper paperwork to get a restraining order against me in court. My mom then handed me some paperwork stating the day and time that I needed to report to the Torrance Courthouse. When is this harassment going to stop?
    1/12/2009 I went to court and my mom came with me. The FBI had been trying unsuccessfully to threaten me to keep my mouth shut for so long and their tactics have not been working. The judge denied the restraining order.
    1/2009 to present the FBI has been listening to my phone calls, and bad mouthing me to the public. Last week the FBI began their cover-up campaign and told people not to ever admit that the FBI told them anything about me.
    I need medical attention for my brain lesion and I would like to know what drugs the FBI has been administering to me illegally since 8/2008. I am afraid that if I go and see a doctor that I will not receive the care that I need.
    4/1/2009 I met with my criminal attorney, Bruce McGreggor, at his office in Torrance. I asked what was going to happen with my case and he stated that most likely I was going to be found guilty of the DUI and Hit and Run charges and have to pay a fine, and complete a DUI driving program, and get placed on probation. I asked Bruce if I was going to go to jail or prison and he said no. Bruce then showed me a paper that Officer Stark had filled out stating that he never gave me a breathalyzer test or any other exam on 9/1/2008 when he arrested me for the DUI. This is a big fat lie.
    The reason that it has taken me so long to come forward and ask for help is because the FBI had been telling a few people close to me that if I complained about the felonies that they have committed against me they would make sure that I would go to prison for the DUI and Hit & Run charges. The FBI has the authority to do this and make people keep their mouths shut.
    If for any reason you cannot reach me by phone feel free to stop by my house. A few days ago on 4/7/2009, I fell on some steps and broke 3 bones in my left foot. It takes me time to get to the phone. There is an answering machine to leave a message. So If I cannot get to the phone immediately please leave me a phone number to contact you immediately.

    Rebecca I. Davis
    1225 Fern Avenue
    Torrance, CA 90503
    Home: 310-328-0237
    My e-mail address is

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