Groups Urge Senate Not To Turn The Justice Department Into Hollywood's Private Police Force

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As we noted earlier this summer, Senator Patrick Leahy had introduced a companion bill to the House's dreadful Pro-IP bill, except that Leahy's bill went further. Beyond just adding a "Copyright Czar" position to the White House, it would authorize the Justice Department to start prosecuting civil copyright infringement lawsuits. In other words, it would have the government act as the private police for of the entertainment industry. This is scary stuff. Beyond already handing out unnecessary gov't granted monopolies, the gov't would now be using taxpayer money to settle business disputes from an industry that was only in trouble because it stubbornly refused to update its business model.

It's difficult to see why taxpayers should be paying FBI agents to protect one industry's obsolete business model.

A bunch of special interest groups made that argument to Senators this week, noting that it was a pure gift to Hollywood -- pointing out that all of the companies and groups in the industry already have their own enforcement arms, and it made little sense to have the FBI take part in private business disputes. Hopefully, there are still enough Senators who haven't been convinced by the propaganda provided by the entertainment industry on this issue to recognize what's actually at stake here.

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  1. identicon
    Amateur Video Editing, 11 Sep 2008 @ 7:13am

    Need to do more than just complain

    The one thing I love sites like tech dirt is that they provide you information that you normally wouldn't know about from your daily paper.

    Having said that, the one downside is that issues like this usually end with user comments.

    There are soooooo many problems with this country yet all anyone does it post their complaints about it. When was the last time(specially us white people) we all got off our asses and actually done something or tried to do something more than just post a witty remark to the problem?

    This country is severely broken. Almost all of the representatives, senators, and every other political rep knows that WE ARE TOO LAZY TO GET OFF OUR FAT ASSES AND DO SOMETHING.

    If you look at history, which tends to repeat itself, great nations like Rome for example collapsed because they got greedy while the citizens got lazy.

    Its time to stop the bitchn', and time to take 1/2hr off from tv & the likes of shows like American Idol, and stand up, organize and start making our voices heard. Secondly, we need to start electing people who will enact laws (on our behalf) that will make it a crime for a public official to waste time, money, & LIVES, on bullshit (I am grossly simplifying it here).

    We are becoming a nation of pussies who get easily offended at every little thing, comment, whatever. In the meantime we are going to vote our on a new president because they may be black or a good looking woman. Come on out of 300 million US residents, these 2 candidates are the best?

    As Susan Powter once said "LETS STOP THE INSANITY!"

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