CBS Goes To Court To Let The NFL Know That You Can't Copyright Player Stats

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Over the past few years, there have been a series of lawsuits concerning whether or not fantasy baseball operators need to license player info from Major League Baseball. Major League Baseball lost at every level and an eventual appeal to the Supreme Court was turned down. However, it appears that the National Football League wanted to ignore these rulings, and has still been trying to get fantasy sports sites to pony up to use stats and player info -- despite the fact that you cannot copyright facts. CBS is now challenging the NFL on this, and has gone to court to get a declaratory judgment that it doesn't need a license. It's difficult to see this case turning out any differently than the MLB cases, considering the facts of the case are almost identical.

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  1. identicon
    Michial, 10 Sep 2008 @ 11:58am

    Its all about the fans

    If NFL had any care what's so ever for the fans Jerry Jones would not be allowed to use Taxes collected from the local area to build his new stadium, then come along and charge $16000 or more JUST for the privilage of buying a $400+ per game season ticket....

    When the announced the new stadium was being built, I had hoped to finally get the chance to buy season tickets to see the Cowboys play. Damn was I wrong, even if I could afford $400 per seat per game there is no chance in hell of paying the $16000 per seat for the privilage..

    What he has done for me is turn me against the game completely and now I won't even watch the cowboys on TV.

    I hope the NFL dies and burns in hell, it's lost grasp of the fact that the fans built the game long ago.

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