More Scammers Using Bogus Copyright Infringement Accusations To Get Their Way

from the it's-just-too-easy dept

Last Friday, we noted that scammers were picking up the success the entertainment industry was having with "pre-settlement" letters to accused file sharers, and using a similar tactic with phone calls, demanding money to avoid getting sued. We noted that it was only a matter of time until those scammers moved to email as well -- and, of course, it's already happened. TorrentFreak is reporting on how scammers are sending threatening letters pretending to be from MediaDefender, one of the firms who provides questionable evidence to the recording industry for its lawsuits. These emails include an attachment, which the email says is more data on what the recipient is accused of sharing on various sites -- but which is actually a virus. So it's not quite to the level of extorting money directly yet -- but that's likely only a matter of time, if it's not happening already.

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  1. identicon
    RIAA, 10 Sep 2008 @ 5:15am

    Please send your payment now

    You have implied the use of our name without our permission (ref: to 'recording industry' and as the employers of the hired guns, uh, make that, investigative firm, MediaDefender). As such, you have violated our copyright and we are SUING you, unless of course you make three convenient payments of $12,000 to us by our deadline. As a convenience to you, we have received payment from an offender in the form of a cashier's check which is conveniently much more than what you owe. We'll send you this check, you'll cash it and send us the difference and we'll be square. You can keep $2.00 for your trouble.

    Thanks. Don't make us go nuclear on your a$$.

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