Comcast Appeals FCC's Wrist Slap

from the you-can't-even-not-punish-us! dept

As was widely expected, Comcast has appealed the FCC's ruling concerning its traffic shaping practices -- even though that ruling was a total slap on the wrist that had no real punishment other than a verbal scolding. But, of course, for Comcast, it's a question of principle -- with the principle being that the FCC has no authority over it on this matter (except, of course, when it's politically convenient for Comcast to say otherwise).

While the ruling against Comcast was rather pointless and meaningless, this appeal could create a much more interesting lawsuit, helping to more clearly define the FCC's authority on these issues. Amusingly, despite the effective issues being identical to the question of the FCC's authority over consumer electronics in the broadcast flag debate from four years ago, expect various public interest groups to align on the opposite sides of where they did back during that fight. Apparently, FCC regulation is bad, except when it's in agreement with your opinion.

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  1. identicon
    bobbknight, 5 Sep 2008 @ 2:45am

    Do What Dhey Say

    To steal what Cleavon Little said during the first prt of Blazing Saddles.
    I would not have a problem with the cable companies doing what the do if they are up front about it. That means no fine print on the 18th page of the customer agreement.
    Though it would be nice to have more of a choice in service providers.
    Google has all this capacity I wish they would do something with it.

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