In Trying To Capture The Moment, Do We Risk Missing It Altogether?

from the watch-the-moment,-not-the-screen-of-your-camera dept

Earlier this year, in writing about a musician complaining about fans with mobile phones in the audience, we noted that he seemed to be overreacting, but did raise some interesting points about whether people get so focused on documenting an event that they miss experiencing it. Now a columnist at the Toronto Globe & Mail, Ivor Tossell, makes a similar point in worrying about the effort he goes through to capture "events" like beautiful sunsets, when he's not even sure what to do with the photos afterwards. While much of the column focuses on the question of whether or not these digital momentos will last at all, an equally reasonable question is how many special moments are "lost" in the effort of trying to capture them with recording equipment.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 2 Sep 2008 @ 6:38pm

    Re: See Both Sides

    I marvel at people taking pictures of landscapes in terrible light with lousy cameras, when there is a rack of beautiful professional photos available in the postcard rack or online. If you don't have a loved one in there, what's the point? You're no Ansel Adams, all due respect.

    I think it's not that they think they can make the best photo ever taken of that landscape, but 1) it's a record of what *I* saw, rather than some pro I don't know (yes, I know the camera never sees exactly what the human eye does), and 2) if it's digital, you immediately have it in digital format to do anything you want with, and it's free. A postcard is good for sending; a big print is good for hanging up; not much else. It all has its place, including amateur landscapes.

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