Yet Another Company Sues Over Being Called Adware

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We've seen a few such cases in the past -- and they usually end with a judge telling the suing company to shove off, but here we have yet another company upset that its being labeled as an adware/spyware provider. In this case, it's a company called 7Search, which is suing McAfee. 7Search is claiming that McAfee's warning about "downloads" from its site having been "credibly" called adware or spyware are false and defamatory because 7Search no longer offers software for download off its site (though it apparently did in the past).

As Eric Goldman notes in the link above, just bringing these types of lawsuits tends to backfire. As we noted above, they rarely, if ever, win, and simply filing the lawsuit draws much more attention to the company -- often including reports from users about why they do think the software in question is adware or spyware. In the meantime, if 7Search no longer offers downloads, then it's not clear what it's upset about either, since it's not like the McAfee warning is going to stop people from downloading its software -- since, apparently, there's no software to download.

Filed Under: adware, defamation, lawsuits, naming, spyware
Companies: 7search, mcafee

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  1. identicon
    Slim, 22 Mar 2010 @ 11:57pm

    7search can kiss my ass it wont go away trying to go to myspace turns into a prob 7search pops up & keeps me from going to sites that i wanna go i think 7search should be the ones getting sued

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