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Telus Kicks Customers Off Of Unlimited Plan It Sold Them Not Too Long Ago

from the how-dare-you-use-what-we-sold-you! dept

For the last few years, various connectivity providers sold "unlimited" data plans when the reality was the plans weren't unlimited at all. Many providers are now changing the plans and instituting more clear caps, but it still seems a bit ridiculous to have marketed unlimited data plans and then pulled the rug out from under those who bought exactly what you sold them. Up in Canada, it seems that TELUS is taking it a step further. Not only did it sell people "unlimited" plans that it now regrets, it's exercising some vague language in its contract that allows them to simply cancel the plans of those who had bought into the "unlimited" plan even just a short while ago. The company is forcing users to switch from a $75 unlimited plan to a $65 plan that is limited to just one GB per month, and dumping anyone who won't switch. That would seem to be a pretty strong bait-and-switch claim. Sure, perhaps the telcos oversold these unlimited plans, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be required to live up to what they sold.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 28 Aug 2008 @ 11:53am

    The reality is that TELUS (to spell it the way they like to), Bell, Rogers and the rest will continue this until the regulator (in Canada the CRTC) comes down on them which will never happen because they don't want to regulate cell service.

    Rather like the FCC doesn't really want to in the States.

    Somewhere along the way the regulators got into bed with the regulated and forgot that they're supposed to be there to protect the consumer from things like this and enforce things like quality of service.

    The CRTC, of course, will tell you that cell service isn't a monopoly so it doesn't need the sort of regulation that the monopoly land line service does which tends to overlook a number of realities that consumers deal with.

    TELUS was crazy to offer an unlimited data plan for cell service that their plant simply could not sustain or, truth be known, even begin to offer.

    It's what happens all too often in TELUS when sales and marketing decide to offer something that isn't possible or sustainable from a technical point of view without a huge investment Telus isn't prepared to make.

    And yeah, the contract you sign when you get your cell phone has a clause in it that says something to the effect of "our rights -- unlimited; your rights -- pay the bill and shut up".

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