Bus Company Tries To Shut Down Online Carpooling Service

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Carpooling is exactly the sort of thing that is perfect for a web app -- to match up potential drivers and riders -- but apparently it makes bus companies upset. A Canadian bus company has actually gone so far to try to shut down an online carpool matching service, claiming that it's illegal. The bus company actually had someone go and test out the carpool service, and has now asked the local transportation board in Ottawa to shut down the service. Their argument is that these carpools are unregulated, and the drivers are not licensed and don't have to follow the same regulations that bus and taxi services do. Perhaps that's a reason to re-examine the regulations rather than shutting down the carpooling service, though.

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    Enrico Suarve, 26 Aug 2008 @ 3:33am

    Re: Re:

    Reading the article it looks to me like they're really just asking that they follow the rules (licensing, insurance, etc.). They don't have to shut down if they follow the rules.

    The bus company no doubt expect that forcing small sites and individuals to follow the rules, licensing and insurance requirements put in place for businesses will amount to the same thing (shutting them down)

    What's various peoples take on me sharing fuel costs with friends? As that's the logical conclusion of where you're going with this one. If a friend and I decide to drive 200miles to the same location and split the costs should I have to obtain special insurance and a license? I'd say that would be pretty insane

    At what point is somebody classed as a friend? Can I make friends with someone online on a free website devoted to a common interest (say driving to Winnipeg) and then agree to split the costs?

    The idea of a ride sharing website is a great idea and like 'Me' above says - If your bus service is so crappy that a car pooling website is serious competition, then the problem isn't the website... it's your bus 'service' (or lack of it)

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