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Bus Company Tries To Shut Down Online Carpooling Service

from the why,-that's-illegal! dept

Carpooling is exactly the sort of thing that is perfect for a web app -- to match up potential drivers and riders -- but apparently it makes bus companies upset. A Canadian bus company has actually gone so far to try to shut down an online carpool matching service, claiming that it's illegal. The bus company actually had someone go and test out the carpool service, and has now asked the local transportation board in Ottawa to shut down the service. Their argument is that these carpools are unregulated, and the drivers are not licensed and don't have to follow the same regulations that bus and taxi services do. Perhaps that's a reason to re-examine the regulations rather than shutting down the carpooling service, though.

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  1. identicon
    Me, 25 Aug 2008 @ 6:34pm

    There is quite a difference between finding someone online and a taxi service that must be taken into account before they start to compare. First with a taxi or other type of transportation service you the passenger have guarantees that the vehicle is in decent repair, the person behind the wheel is sober and has a good knowledge of traffic laws. These online transportation services don't really offer you anything. Whats to say the guy you get a ride from has a clunker that dies out on you the whole way to your destination. Maybe the tire needs to be changed and your the one that gets to change it, maybe the person driving doesn't shut up the whole way.

    The funny thing is that this company is whining and really devaluing their service, if they really think their service will be eclipsed by car pooling with a complete stranger then maybe they really don't have that much to offer to begin with.

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