Orange Pays Actors To Stand In Line For The iPhone

from the losing-its-magic? dept

When the disco era was dying, the story was that the famed Studio 54 in New York had to start paying people to stand out front in line, so that it still look the club was still a happening place. Is the same thing happening with the iPhone? Over in Poland, mobile operator Orange is happily admitting that it's paying actors to stand in line to wait for the launch of the new iPhone: "We have these fake queues at front of 20 stores around the country to drum up interest in the iPhone." That seems like a rather blatant admission that the phone itself isn't enough to drum up interest. Somehow, though, I don't think the iPhone is going the route of disco just yet.

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  1. identicon
    Spectere, 22 Aug 2008 @ 3:34pm

    Re: Re:

    That's why there's over 1000 apps available for in within 30 days. How many does Blackberry have after, what 7 years..?

    The BlackBerry can run mobile Java applications without forcing users to jump through hoops so, uh, quite a few. You can also develop Java applications without being squelched by an overbearing NDA.

    I'm not saying that the iPhone is bad, per se, but Apple could certainly do a better job in keeping their independent developers happy.

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