Singer At New Media Conference Turns Off Audience Member Cameras

from the new-media,-huh? dept

You would think that someone who had "embraced" new media would understand the value of viral content, but that's not always the case. Derek Coward writes in to let us know of a bizarre incident involving a cover song singer who goes by the name Richard Cheese, who apparently sings "cheesy" loungey versions of hard rock songs. There's a podcast called Coverville that (not surprisingly) focuses on cover versions of songs. For his 500th episode, the host, Brian Ibbott, put together a concert at a new media trade show. He found some musicians who specifically allow their music to be used in podcasts without royalties (i.e., those who recognize the value of free promotion) and had them play a concert -- and Cheese was one of the headliners.

At a new media trade show full of podcasters and bloggers, one thing you should expect is that they'll have cameras, and they'll be taking photos and video. That's what they do. But, apparently this upset Cheese greatly, and he started walking around, grabbing people's cameras and turning them off. He later spit on someone who continued to film his concert, and yelled at the guy to turn his camera off. Considering that this guy's entire act is based on building on the works of others, and he understands the promotional benefits of having his music in podcasts, it does seem rather odd that he would be so upset about some folks videotaping him that he would then take their cameras, turn them off and even spit on people. Compare this to the other musician (who actually does write his own music) we mentioned recently who was taking fan made videos of his performances and stitching them together into a virtual concert.

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  1. identicon
    Jim Williams, 22 Aug 2008 @ 12:15pm

    In this day and age of Aids and other infectious diseases. Any performer and especially a musician spraying anything whether it be water or booze out of his mouth onto the crowd makes me cringe. Imagine that spray getting in someones eye or even more crazy in there mouth.

    I would run for the bathroom and then proceed to a emergency room and demand a hepatitis and aids test of the performer. Spraying anything from ones mouth onto ones audience is like wow.

    Also taking anyone's personal property from them without there permission or even the act of trying to take it away is the poorest of poor form.

    He should have just stopped and asked the audience to put their cameras away.

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