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Follow The Bouncing Apple Rumors

from the which-way-did-they-go dept

Tiernan Ray, over at Tech Trade Daily, has an amusing post up explaining the rather circuitous route of a particular Apple rumor found on various Apple rumor sites. Basically, one Apple rumors site claimed a new research report was coming out detailing potential upgrades to various Apple products. But, the problem was that there was no such new report. The research firm in question had actually released a report over a week earlier. And then things got even more mixed up:
Macrumors, in mentioning the phantom report from *today*, cites a PC World article from yesterday, that erroneously references the August 6 note as being analyst comment *today*, meaning, Monday, the date of the PC World article. Even more hilarious, in the Macrumors post, the author says that the phantom report from today about updates to the Mac laptops and iPods is “consistent with whispers we’ve heard.” And he cites … ta da! A post from AppleInsider last week commenting on the original August six note. Oy vey.
So, basically a report from last week is used to confirm a non-existent report from this week, which is actually... the original report from the week before.

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  1. identicon
    some old guy, 14 Aug 2008 @ 7:32pm

    I like apple's products

    I like Apple's products (even tho they are not perfect), but the Apple zealots scare the boogers out of me. Most of them are not doing apple a service, because they have the tendency to make people think of apple akin to a virus, "don't wanna get any of that on me!".

    Hard to tell them that tho...

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  2. identicon
    Overcast, 14 Aug 2008 @ 8:01pm

    That's true #1 - I've never really been partial to an OS, but the zealots do tend to scare me away from some.... lol

    I've just never particularly seen one OS as 'better' than another, they all have different strong points and weak points.

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  3. identicon
    Arnold Kim, 14 Aug 2008 @ 8:42pm

    Not accurate

    Hey guys.

    Arn from Tiernan Ray was a little confused in his reporting.

    There was an article that PCWorld described as a new analyst report, but was in fact the same as a previous report. Without access to the actual reports, I took PCWorld's word for it.

    The claim that it was "consistent with whispers we've heard" was just that. We had heard that the iPod Touch would be updated independent of the analyst report. If the author had followed the links and _read_ the articles, he would have realized that.


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  4. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 14 Aug 2008 @ 9:04pm


    Apple has great design and a handful of solid products.

    But... if they would just spend half their energy on quality assurance instead of ridiculous hype, they might be taken seriously in the marketplace!

    What's that you say? Apple is the best-ist? Have you ever REALLY used iTunes, or read the reviews for Quicktime Pro on Apple's website?

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  5. identicon
    Ulle, 14 Aug 2008 @ 9:15pm

    watching the mac vs ms fanatics is as much fun as watching the ford vs chev fanatics

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  6. identicon
    Azrael, 14 Aug 2008 @ 11:37pm


    That's why i'm using Linux (Porsche)

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  7. identicon
    ToySouljah, 15 Aug 2008 @ 12:21am

    Re: Re:

    LMAO...who can beat a free Porche?

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  8. icon
    Yeebok (profile), 14 Jan 2009 @ 12:13am

    iTunes is dreadful

    I wish my partner had not gotten an ipod. I despise iTunes.

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