Italy Tries, Fails To Ban The Pirate Bay

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A few years back, with the help of some pressure from US gov't officials, Sweden tried to shut down The Pirate Bay. It worked for about a day until the site was back up. And, of course, the resulting publicity from the failed raid only brought The Pirate Bay much more attention. Earlier this year, a court in Denmark tried to get major ISPs to block access to the Pirate Bay. And, once again, all that really did was generate much more interest in the site.

At some point, you might think that officials would recognize that every time they try to shut down or block The Pirate Bay, it just ends up getting the site that much more traffic. But it looks like we still have a long way to go until that day comes. A prosecutor in Italy has told ISPs that they need to start blocking access to The Pirate Bay. Of course, such bans are totally ineffective, as The Pirate Bay has already set up routes around the blocks. So, nice work Italy. You've now helped to promote The Pirate Bay by trying to "ban" access to it.

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  1. identicon
    be free, 11 Aug 2008 @ 9:16am

    Yeah, and Italy is such a beacon of justice ...

    ... and righteousness. Look, I love Italy , lived there as a kid and early teen, bit it's one of the most corrupt European countries, especially the south. It's more similar to a 3rd World nation in some aspects. In order for my parents to acquire their work permits, they had to bribe two different officials, and their papers were completely in order and everything was legal. I twould have worked without the bribes but what could have taken a couple of days turned into a 15 minute process and two stamps later they were good. My parents quickly learned the importance of owning a gun for protection, and ended up having to make a deal with the local Mafia in order to do business. Nothing scary, just bring tourists to certain restaurants. In return, we were completely protected, and "our" tourists were never hassled. This was an ongoing mutually beneficial long term relationship. In Napoli, close to where we lived, we encountered the renowned "market of the thieves" which my parent turned into a sightseeing destination because it was so unusual (and cheap :). Talk about pirates, and how certain elements of crime was accepted in society and its people, including tourists. But Pirate Bay is too much for them huh....

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