Why Is Illinois Only Concerned About Canceling Online Gaming Services?

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An anonymous reader points us to the news that the state of Illinois has passed a law in response to the complaint of one individual that it was extremely difficult to cancel his online subscription to the game Final Fantasy XI. So, now it's been added to the state's consumer fraud law that any online game needs to offer an easy online way to cancel the service. That's all well and good, but I'm wondering why it's limited only to online games? If you're going to go that far, why not focus on any online subscription service?

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  1. identicon
    Alias, 6 Aug 2008 @ 11:04am

    Re: we don't need a new law, just don't buy from these companies

    I disagree. When I tried to cancel my Everquest account with Sony about 10 years ago, it was a major hassle. I was on the phone for over an hour, most of it on hold.

    As a consumer, I shouldn't be punished for no longer being interested in a product I may have consumed in the past. When companies go out of their way to make you go out of your way for a simple account cancellation, they should be regulated to bring some sort of standardization to the process. It is a case of the free market apparently failing to provide a good solution to the problem in the first place.

    Well done Illinois' legislature. It's about time.

    I do agree with the author that this should be extended to ANY kind of account. As stated above, we shouldn't be punished because we no longer wish to be customers of a particular business. That's total BS.


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