Band Leaks Own Tracks To BitTorrent, Pretends To Be Pissed Off

from the not-quite-getting-it dept

Yes, part of the business model for using free music to your advantage is recognizing how that free music acts as a promotional good for you, but the band BuckCherry seems to have taken that a bit too far. It definitely seemed quite suspicious when the band, signed to a major label, put out a press release about how angry they were that their latest music was leaked online. So, the good folks over at TorrentFreak did a little investigating, and tracked down the fact that whoever leaked the album just so happened to use the same exact IP address as the band's manager. Oops.

So, let's try this again. Using free music as a promotional tool can work wonders, but part of that is in publicly embracing the fact that your fans want to share your music. Not creating mock outrage about it.

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  1. identicon
    Angryguitarist, 1 Aug 2008 @ 7:36am

    Re: Something to consider...

    "What I don't understand is that if all these major labels are so evil, why doesn't somebody who understands the value of free content and modern distribution methods start up a new label that actively promotes those things instead of trying to shut them down?"

    Radio airplay is the strength of record companys (today that power would include the VH1, BET, XM outlets as well). Radion copmanies can get you airplay . . . that is the ONLY value they offer an artist. Ironicly peer to peer distribution also helps aliviate the value of mass broadcast thus making record companies less viable. The truth is, record companies are pretty useless and continue become more and more so all the time. The truth is, they are fighting thier lives here as they really have less and less value to offer artists.

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