ER Doctors Warn About Walking While Texting; When Will We Start Seeing Laws?

from the they're-coming dept

Anyone want to take a guess on when we'll see the first laws proposed to ban the practice of walking-while-texting? We've already seen a few proposals that would ban walking and talking in a crosswalk. And, to add some fuel to the fire, some ER doctors are warning people who walk and text at the same time that it's risky behavior. The doctors say they're seeing a rise in reports of people walking and texting at the same time, leading to some sort of injury, including two people who were hit by a car after paying more attention to their phone than oncoming traffic. Since technopanics always seem to start with a news article, just wait for someone to propose a law against this -- rather than insisting that perhaps it's time to institute a little common sense. Update: Apparently, I'm too late. At least one state has already proposed just such a law.

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  1. identicon
    pulsar, 31 Jul 2008 @ 7:33am

    Darwin Awards?

    can we please just let our systems work without the micro-management of government offices???

    if in life, as organisms we SHOULD put survival over "txt msg LOL", right? let it go and let god sort them out (or the flying spaghetti monster...)

    if in economics, let the damn freddie fannie etc DIE and make room for some people who are more concerned about survival than profit enter the vacuum.

    i guess this would be evidence that big brother is taking such good care of people here in the states that we are used to a vanilla life of stimuli and being cradled in the warm, workaholic womb that bore us into this nightmare that is our current corporate-socialist police state. i mean, if i just go to work, watch TV, and consume lots of products all while going into debt, my name won't POSSIBLY be on a terrorist list, and god help the people who ARE on that list.

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