ER Doctors Warn About Walking While Texting; When Will We Start Seeing Laws?

from the they're-coming dept

Anyone want to take a guess on when we'll see the first laws proposed to ban the practice of walking-while-texting? We've already seen a few proposals that would ban walking and talking in a crosswalk. And, to add some fuel to the fire, some ER doctors are warning people who walk and text at the same time that it's risky behavior. The doctors say they're seeing a rise in reports of people walking and texting at the same time, leading to some sort of injury, including two people who were hit by a car after paying more attention to their phone than oncoming traffic. Since technopanics always seem to start with a news article, just wait for someone to propose a law against this -- rather than insisting that perhaps it's time to institute a little common sense. Update: Apparently, I'm too late. At least one state has already proposed just such a law.

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  1. identicon
    Tony, 31 Jul 2008 @ 12:42pm

    A Lack of Surprise

    I was anything but surprised when I clicked the link in the update for this article. I live in Illinois, and I just can't wait to see this hit the opinion section of my local paper. I mean honestly, I can agree that this is a problem, but I don't think a new law is a good solution. We need to stop making up fines for everything bad we do, because, and I know this might sound paranoid, but police (as well as the rest of the gov't) already have enough reasons to harass people. Maybe the idea of putting signs up at crosswalks isn't a bad idea, but it seems unnecessarily costly. If we, as intelligent and creative humans *ahem*, can't use technology to save us from (ironically) technology, then we might as well quit using it. Let's use our GPS capabilities to tell our phones when we are about to cross a street so the phone can print the message "LOOK UP!" if we happen to be texting. In fact, with all the facial recognition advancements, we could just make phones so they "know" when you're looking at them. Yeah, I know that sound ridiculous, and it does to me, too. It sounds as ridiculous as making it illegal to walk and text at the same time. Maybe, just maybe I'm walking and texting because I'm walking towards a bomb I have to disarm for someone and at the same time texting a doctor what he could use to save Batman from a deadly poison. Or maybe not.

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