ER Doctors Warn About Walking While Texting; When Will We Start Seeing Laws?

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Anyone want to take a guess on when we'll see the first laws proposed to ban the practice of walking-while-texting? We've already seen a few proposals that would ban walking and talking in a crosswalk. And, to add some fuel to the fire, some ER doctors are warning people who walk and text at the same time that it's risky behavior. The doctors say they're seeing a rise in reports of people walking and texting at the same time, leading to some sort of injury, including two people who were hit by a car after paying more attention to their phone than oncoming traffic. Since technopanics always seem to start with a news article, just wait for someone to propose a law against this -- rather than insisting that perhaps it's time to institute a little common sense. Update: Apparently, I'm too late. At least one state has already proposed just such a law.

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  1. identicon
    Craig, 31 Jul 2008 @ 8:23am

    Opportunity knocks

    Instead of scoffing at this, people should see the opportunity that is presenting itself.

    Mobile devices are in the way when people drive, when people walk or ride a bike, bus, or train. The familiar elbow-up-hand-to-the-side-of-the-face is everywhere. Let's face it, there is a legitimate concern here.

    What's the opportunity? Get the mobile device out of our way. Create a device that does not require us to create a blind spot when we are driving. Create something that does not put us at risk of elbowing someone sitting beside us on the bus.

    That is the opportunity -- and if you figure it out you will be plunking down cash for a ride on Virgin's space ship and having lunch with Bill Gates et al.

    I was in the Philippines this past February 2008. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I read that the Filipino people text more per capita than anyone else. Their solution to the walking while texting "danger"? They post signs at intersections that suggest you pay attention rather than text as you cross.

    I don't know if it is a real solution, but certainly when a pedestrian gets mowed down because they aren't paying attention, at least everyone can point to the sign and say "we told you so!"

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