Microsoft Plays Practical Joke On People To Convince Them They Like Vista

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It's no secret that Microsoft has a bit of a problem on its hands concerning the general public's impression of Microsoft Vista. The fact that people regularly joke about "upgrading" to the previous OS version, XP, is clearly an issue for the company. So what did it do? Apparently, it played a bit of a practical joke on people, getting them to play around with Vista, while pretending it was an early version of the OS that will come after Vista. Microsoft was clearly trying to get quotes out of people about how cool it looked -- and the company carefully made sure to get users of a wide variety of operating systems (Mac, Linux, Windows XP and Windows 2000, according to the site). While it might come across as a neat little publicity stunt, it does give you a sense of just how bad Microsoft's initial marketing campaign was. In order to make up for it, the company had to trick people into trying out Vista. Ouch.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 28 Jul 2008 @ 12:34pm

    not only is it kind of desperate to resort to the tactics that fast food and a few other industries use (you think that sandwich was worth $20? what if you knew it was available for ~$5 at ****) it also falls apart when the demo is probably completely rigged, they probably spent hundreds of man-hours making sure that everything in that rig works, users are not allowed to install new things, and no need to configure anything.

    also it is a 10 minute demo, hardly enough to find the real problems. compounded with the idea that these people don't know their OSes well enough to notice Vista when they see it and the result is a misrepresentation of people's problems with vista.

    my laptop came with vista. I had it for two days, it took me over an hour to hook it up to my wireless network (the solution? turn off all of my wireless security, then re-enable it after I connected). that was just one of my complaints, but I couldn't stand feeling the hand-held-are-you-sure-you-know-what-you're-doing? that it constantly gave me, it is what made me turn to Linux as my primary OS (I had only used it as a secondary OS in the past) and among my various computers, only one has windows on it now (mostly due to using Linux in a specific scenario or having problem reinstalling windows for one reason or another).

    and no I don't hate microsoft or windows, I just dislike vista and plan to upgrade my windows computer to Server 2008 (currently has server 2003). I find the server line to be better (with less bloat too) than xp or vista while still allowing everything that they do.

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