Microsoft Plays Practical Joke On People To Convince Them They Like Vista

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It's no secret that Microsoft has a bit of a problem on its hands concerning the general public's impression of Microsoft Vista. The fact that people regularly joke about "upgrading" to the previous OS version, XP, is clearly an issue for the company. So what did it do? Apparently, it played a bit of a practical joke on people, getting them to play around with Vista, while pretending it was an early version of the OS that will come after Vista. Microsoft was clearly trying to get quotes out of people about how cool it looked -- and the company carefully made sure to get users of a wide variety of operating systems (Mac, Linux, Windows XP and Windows 2000, according to the site). While it might come across as a neat little publicity stunt, it does give you a sense of just how bad Microsoft's initial marketing campaign was. In order to make up for it, the company had to trick people into trying out Vista. Ouch.

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  1. identicon
    Matt, 28 Jul 2008 @ 12:18pm

    Re: Re: Vista sucks

    Why are you all complaining about this? I have 2 identical desktops, one with Vista Ultimate and one with XP (both with all available updates).

    The boot speed is about the same on either, and Vista is WAY more visually impressive. Especially with Ultimate. It is much easier to navigate networking drives, thumbnails are shown for every picture/movie file, and the start menu has a box where you type the beginning of a word and it automatically shows you files or settings that begin with those letters. Not like that cumbersome and practically useless XP search.

    And when you highlight a file in explorer, it automatically shows you relevant information (free space, file type, artist, size.. whatever applies to that type of file). And when you click "end task", it ends the God damn task. XP just pretends it didn't hear you. Did I mention only 1 BSOD in over a year?

    If you are running an old, crappy, out of date machine that uses old hardware then those manufacturers don't always come up with a Vista-compatible driver, but who's fault is that? Just buy a halfway decent computer with hardware less than half a decade old and everything will work out fine.

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