Microsoft Plays Practical Joke On People To Convince Them They Like Vista

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It's no secret that Microsoft has a bit of a problem on its hands concerning the general public's impression of Microsoft Vista. The fact that people regularly joke about "upgrading" to the previous OS version, XP, is clearly an issue for the company. So what did it do? Apparently, it played a bit of a practical joke on people, getting them to play around with Vista, while pretending it was an early version of the OS that will come after Vista. Microsoft was clearly trying to get quotes out of people about how cool it looked -- and the company carefully made sure to get users of a wide variety of operating systems (Mac, Linux, Windows XP and Windows 2000, according to the site). While it might come across as a neat little publicity stunt, it does give you a sense of just how bad Microsoft's initial marketing campaign was. In order to make up for it, the company had to trick people into trying out Vista. Ouch.

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  1. identicon
    Oldie, 29 Jul 2008 @ 2:24am

    This is funny

    I manage over 150 machines, 100 of those are running XP the other 50 Vista. Who do I get the most complaints from? The XP users! Who wants to change OS? The XP users! Yes, they WANT to go to Vista.
    All the machines are using the same hardware, HP DC7600 with ONE GB ram, onboard video and a 3ghz Pentium D chip. Vista runs great on this, it actually runs FASTER than an XP machine on the same hardware, which was something that pleasantly surprised me, to say the least. I was fully expecting it to be slower, it was when I was running the beta's but the official release of Vista Business was far improved.
    UAC does bug me on occasion, but it has come in handy a couple of times, so I leave it on. Another surprise was that Aero actually works on this setup with onboard intel graphics at that.
    I use Vista on my work desktop, XP on my work laptop (mainly just used for XP screenshots for documentation and emails, that's it).
    At home, it is the other way around with Vista on my laptop (using an opensource battery manager, I get over 2 hours 20 mins battery life) and the only reason it isn't on my desktop is the lack of directsound which I need for DJ'ing.
    I've worked with a lot of OS's in my time, Dos, Windows, Mac, Netware and unix, with a few flavours of Linux thrown in as well and I have found that I really enjoy using Vista, it is a change, something different.
    SP1 has made it even faster, and I have NO problem recommending it to friends depending on their needs and hardware. Hardware being very important with this OS, given that not every manufacturer or model has vista drivers and they (non-tech/IT people) have had no problem with it, sure I get questions now and then, but no more than I get from any other OS.
    Half the problems people are experiencing is hardware related and not MS's fault, the other half are the upgraders that didn't bother to clean their machine before doing so (seen that happen a few times), the rest I think are just dicks that went in with the preconceived notion that it was going to suck, and never really gave it a chance "this is gonna suck, (5 seconds later)yep this sucks, I wouldn't use this and I'm gonna tell everyone how bad it is" yeah... GTFO of my face and go DIAF assmonkey...

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