Microsoft Plays Practical Joke On People To Convince Them They Like Vista

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It's no secret that Microsoft has a bit of a problem on its hands concerning the general public's impression of Microsoft Vista. The fact that people regularly joke about "upgrading" to the previous OS version, XP, is clearly an issue for the company. So what did it do? Apparently, it played a bit of a practical joke on people, getting them to play around with Vista, while pretending it was an early version of the OS that will come after Vista. Microsoft was clearly trying to get quotes out of people about how cool it looked -- and the company carefully made sure to get users of a wide variety of operating systems (Mac, Linux, Windows XP and Windows 2000, according to the site). While it might come across as a neat little publicity stunt, it does give you a sense of just how bad Microsoft's initial marketing campaign was. In order to make up for it, the company had to trick people into trying out Vista. Ouch.

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  1. identicon
    Cranky Greg, 28 Jul 2008 @ 11:46am

    Re: Getting annoyed by this

    I use XP (work and home desktop) and Vista (home laptop) regularly. I'm also an old *nix guy, but I haven't used Mac much.

    I despise vista. It continually aggravates me.

    I hate the way every setting I was used to has moved for no apparent reason.

    I hated the resource-gobbling extra crap that was enabled by default. Now that I've disabled most of it, system performance is ok. Of course, it pretty much looks like XP, too.

    I hate the teeny-tiny start menu program list stack panel. Stack panels suck, especially if you have to scroll to find stuff. The expanding program list from XP was MUCH better for finding things except you can't even switch to that in vista. You can switch to the 2000 start menu, but I prefer XP's.

    I hate the explorer search. I literally almost drop kicked my laptop across the room when it couldn't find any files matching *.doc underneath a folder even though I knew there were many there. (Yes, there's got to be a way to make this work, but it should work out of the box and I'm an impatient, cranky, old man.)

    Did I mention the performance sucks?

    I hate the emphasis on making things pretty and whiz-bang instead of useful. I think MS was really reaching for reasons to buy a new O/S since they keep getting slapped for bundling. There's really nothing new here that's very useful IMO.

    Oh yeah, and I hate office 2007 as well and looking for that somewhat-rarely used function on the toolbar. Where is it? Somewhere in the massive screen-real-estate grabbing 'ribbon' thing amongst the jumble of text, icons and random crap. Have fun finding it. Drop menus & toolbars were just fine. Why change them?

    XP never blue screens on me, performs reasonably well (for Windows) and has everything where I expect it to be. I'll probably switch to linux once XP becomes obsolete.

    All this is opinion, of course, so if you like Vista, then fine. I just wanted to point out that people do actually exist that have used vista and hate it.

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