Microsoft Plays Practical Joke On People To Convince Them They Like Vista

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It's no secret that Microsoft has a bit of a problem on its hands concerning the general public's impression of Microsoft Vista. The fact that people regularly joke about "upgrading" to the previous OS version, XP, is clearly an issue for the company. So what did it do? Apparently, it played a bit of a practical joke on people, getting them to play around with Vista, while pretending it was an early version of the OS that will come after Vista. Microsoft was clearly trying to get quotes out of people about how cool it looked -- and the company carefully made sure to get users of a wide variety of operating systems (Mac, Linux, Windows XP and Windows 2000, according to the site). While it might come across as a neat little publicity stunt, it does give you a sense of just how bad Microsoft's initial marketing campaign was. In order to make up for it, the company had to trick people into trying out Vista. Ouch.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 28 Jul 2008 @ 1:12pm


    There's the simple truth. If you have 2GB of RAM and a very basic video card you can enjoy Vista with all the 'glory' of Aero without any slowdown. It'll kill your battery life on a laptop, but it isn't slow by any means.

    I have Vista on my laptop and my desktop. My laptop is an Inspiron 1501 with a AMD64 Turion X2 and 2GB of RAM and an ATI mobility card with 128megs.

    I have Vista Ultimate x64 installed on it and I have no performance issues with the eye candy turned on other than an 80 minute battery, which is to be expected.

    I have 8GB of RAM, 2 8800GT with 1GB (!), Q6600 Intel quad core 64 bit processor and an Asus Xonar D2X. Also running Vista Ultimate x64 with all the eye candy on.

    That machine has two problems. First, Goldrush on TF2 causes a crash every other update. NO OTHER Steam games have any crashes or issues. Hell Doom2 in DOSBOX runs great.

    Second, the sound drivers for the Xonar suck. Horribly. All my 'issues' are related to that sound card. The drivers are the only complaint anyone has with that card, and its a common complaint.

    When it works, its worth its money. When it freaks out (all my sound coming out of my right speakers sometimes, or arbitrary channel switching) it sucks. Again, nothing to do with Vista as this happens to people on XP.

    If you have Vista Ultimate x64, FEED IT. If you don't have 2GB of RAM and a DX9 video card (any will do) you won't be able to use Vista effectively.

    This does bring up something else though. What about Home Starter, Basic, and Premium? I cant speak for Premium, but for Starter and Basic it seems Microsoft has intentionally crippled the OS.

    My laptop came with Basic. It's performance was just as bad as everyone raves. Curious after seeing a co-worker with a comparable laptop on Ultimate x64 I installed my desktop copy on it. Cranked all the settings up and its flawless. I can even play TF2 without impacting the graphics settings on my laptop.

    So Vista sucks, unless you have the hardware and the Ultimate version. Just like many people thought XP home sucked compared to Professional (least people I know).

    All that Vista defending said, I'm so getting Debian on my laptop. Vista is nice and all but Compiz-Fusion is way too fun to play with and I don't dual boot.

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