One Spammer Sentenced To 4 Years In Jail As Another Escapes From Prison

from the revolving-doors dept

Last week, we asked you how you would sentence a convicted spammer, and you came up with all sorts of colorful solutions. I doubt it influenced the judge much, but she's now sentenced the spammer in question to almost four years in jail, noting that she hopes it will serve as a warning to other spammers, especially unrepentant ones like Robert Soloway:
"This individual has refused to stop his criminal conduct, notwithstanding two separate civil judgments and an injunction by a U.S. federal court judge. I suggest to you the only effective way to stop Soloway is a long prison sentence during which he'll be incapable of continuing this criminal activity."
Of course, on the very same day the sentence was handed down, another spammer escaped from the minimum security prison where he was serving a 21-month sentence. Federal Marshals and the FBI are apparently now searching for him. Perhaps Soloway will have a bit more security.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 23 Jul 2008 @ 12:24pm

    I could care less about some emails that never make it to my inbox.

    What I do get irritated about, is the fact that your phone company will sell your telephone number the instant you sign up. I gave no one my new telephone number (have 2 cellphones and didn't plan to keep the dsl very long) and in less than a week, I got one of those fundraising calls and they knew my name.

    Let's put the focus on the the real bad guys in the advertising world. The companies that YOU pay money to, for service, that sell your info directly to ad agencies.

    Or how about the letters and coupon packages that come in my snail mail box that are addressed to "Current Resident"? No complaints about this spam?

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