Monster Cable's Lawyers Realize That Even A Moron In A Hurry Knows The Difference Between A Salt Lick And A TV Cable

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Monster Cable has a long history of abusing trademark law to threaten and/or sue pretty much any company that uses the name "Monster" in its brand. That has included the TV show Monster Garage, a clothing store called MonsterVintage, Disney for the movie Monsters, Inc., the makers of Monster Energy drink, the Chicago Bears for having the nickname "Monsters of the Midway," and the Boston Red Sox for offering "Monster seats" on top of their famous "Green Monster" wall. We recently noted that it had also gone after Monster Mini Golf.

Of course, that's not how trademark law works. It doesn't give Monster Cable total control over the name Monster. It just gives the company the right to prevent others from using the brand in the same market in a way that is likely to confuse consumers. It's difficult to believe that anyone would think that Monsters, Inc., was somehow from Monster Cable. But, on and on it goes -- though, it appears that Monster Cable's lawyers were finally convinced to drop one suit. An anonymous reader points us to the news that Monster Cable has withdrawn its trademark challenge against the makers of Monster Deer Block, a salt and mineral lick designed to attract wild deer. Apparently, some lawyers for the makers of Monster Deer Block persuaded Monster Cable's lawyers that there was little chance of consumer confusion between the product and the makers of expensive audio/video cabling.

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  1. identicon
    PRMan, 23 Jul 2008 @ 7:46am

    Lamp cable or speaker wire

    Just be careful if you are using long runs of lamp cable. It is unshielded, which means you will pick up lots of noise on the line (buzz, hum, that sort of thing, or snow on video).

    I knew a church once that thought like that, and then they wondered why they got police radio in the middle of their services sometimes. At sufficient lengths, the unshielded wire becomes an antenna for a given frequency.

    Don't take this as me recommending overpriced Monster Cable, because I am not. Most audiophiles will go for something like Monoprice or Blue Jeans Cable, two companies that are high quality at a slightly above average price.

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