Is This The Best Homeland Security Can Do In Defending Laptop Searches At The Border?

from the probable-cause-is-so-last-millennium dept

The courts have said that US Customs officials do not need probable cause to search laptops. While some Senators are questioning why Department of Homeland Security is searching laptops without probable cause, the administration is working hard to defend such searches at the border as reasonable. However, they're not making very much sense. The article trots out James Jay Carafano from the Heritage Foundation with a couple of interesting statements. Let's take them in order. First:
"The idea that we would create some kind of sanctuary for criminals and terrorists to carry things across the border to me is absolutely ludicrous."
Well, that's not just an exaggeration, it's wrong. Does Carafano actually believe that someone manually walking a laptop across the border is the only way that data gets across the border? Of course that's not true. Data flows across borders via the network all the time -- with no customs review whatsoever. No one is walking across the border with a laptop thinking that's the best way to get some data across the border. Then there's this statement:
"It's also unrealistic to require probable cause when you think about the millions of people a day who come in and go out of the country."
Let's just change a few words in that statement and see how Carafano feels about it: "It's also unrealistic to require probable cause when you think about the millions of people a day who walk up and down the streets of America." Yet, we don't hear Carafano pushing for a removal of probable cause for searches on the street, do we?

The border searches of laptops issue is a ridiculous one. Yes, it makes sense to search through what physical goods you might be bringing into the country -- because you specifically chose to bring those goods into the country. But the digital things you have stored on your laptop are an overall archive. You didn't choose to bring those specific things across the border -- and it's not like going through a border crossing is the best way to move that content across the border. There's simply no reason for why laptop searches should be allowed without probable cause.

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  1. identicon
    JMuniz3, 10 Jul 2008 @ 5:00pm

    Border Searches

    The idea that information can only be transported in physical form is hysterical. These senators on the hill better start to get on the bandwagon of exactly how data moves across borders everday without interruption or searches. They need to stop fueling their outdated paranoia and actually start learning and thinking about what they are talking about. Narrow, short sighted solutions to any problem are always doomed to failure because they are never thought out. Laptops are not the modern equivalent of microfilm, data-dots, or paper documents. Can they not see that ignorance in this area is exactly why we lose secrets in the first place. Ignorance in this area is why people who were loyal to the U.S. steal and sell secrets. Ignorance in this area is why people who are not loyal to this country can get access to sensitive data. This is just another ploy in a long line of paranoia that action, any action, is being taken to secure our country and its people. This is truly sad.

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