Hard To Believe: Computer Makers Giving In To RIAA Pressure, Disabling Sound Recording?

from the can't-really-be-true,-could-it? dept

A whole bunch of people are submitting this, though, the explanation is not passing the sniff test. The story is that a bunch of laptop owners (mainly from Dell) are frustrated after discovering that their laptop soundcard configuration blocks the recording of audio, even though it's possible to enable it with a few tweaks. In other words, recording has effectively been turned off by the computer manufacturers. It didn't take long for rumors and speculation to assume that somehow the RIAA has been pressuring these computer makers to turn off sound. Of course, with the entertainment industry, sometimes it seems that no concept is too evil to believe that the industry wouldn't endorse. However, there seems to be no evidence whatsoever that the RIAA had any part in this. On the whole, it sounds like someone just made a bad decision in terms of how to configure certain sound cards. If someone can provide any evidence that the RIAA actually had a role in this, we'll post an update, but there's no reason to jump to conclusions without any evidence. That's what the RIAA does.

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  1. identicon
    Michael, 22 Sep 2010 @ 12:13am

    RIAA Is Not A Factor In Much That Is Scammed Illegally

    A group in California is seeking whom download files using a program, sniffers and snitches are members, might be that they once were p.o_r.n stars and because of NO BAILOUT FOR P.o_r.n Industry they found their pot of gold in cashing after HASH numbers that match a Copyright Claim of a client named as Smash Pictures Inc, known in California as Copyright Enforcement Group, LLC and is logging those they accuse of a Copyright Violation to their sites giving a login password & name for their case against them if they do not pay them for what they have which amounts to either doing that else you have to buy their clients p.o_r.n movie. Isn't that the biggest California Scam you have ever heard of thus far? There are laws in California against what they are attempting to do esp. soliciting someone that they owe them and the client. Ever did a search for the Available in a Bit Torrent: Fook Me XXX [DVDRIP][Asian-Teens][www.sexotorrent.com]? Its hash number is 4bfb22bcc7e3e9b3e609013cf7c06593c289b812 which looks innocent enough from all the Google searches I turned up and they seem satisfied they have their violator. I call them out on this one, sure would like them to be bit by the State of california Attorney General's Legal Procedures against their tactics.

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