Hard To Believe: Computer Makers Giving In To RIAA Pressure, Disabling Sound Recording?

from the can't-really-be-true,-could-it? dept

A whole bunch of people are submitting this, though, the explanation is not passing the sniff test. The story is that a bunch of laptop owners (mainly from Dell) are frustrated after discovering that their laptop soundcard configuration blocks the recording of audio, even though it's possible to enable it with a few tweaks. In other words, recording has effectively been turned off by the computer manufacturers. It didn't take long for rumors and speculation to assume that somehow the RIAA has been pressuring these computer makers to turn off sound. Of course, with the entertainment industry, sometimes it seems that no concept is too evil to believe that the industry wouldn't endorse. However, there seems to be no evidence whatsoever that the RIAA had any part in this. On the whole, it sounds like someone just made a bad decision in terms of how to configure certain sound cards. If someone can provide any evidence that the RIAA actually had a role in this, we'll post an update, but there's no reason to jump to conclusions without any evidence. That's what the RIAA does.

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    Mike (profile), 8 Jul 2008 @ 11:33am

    Re: Jumping to conclusions

    No reason to jump to conclusions, eh? Sure, because this blog never does that ...

    Huh? Willton, you've made it clear that you disagree with me, but if you have nothing substantive to say, why bother?

    I try not to jump to conclusions, and I try to support my positions with a factual basis. If I don't, I'm sure that you'll be here to correct me. But I try to be as careful as possible. In fact, in this situation, most people would probably assume that I'd blame the RIAA, but I'm pointing out that there is no proof. I've done this before when the RIAA and others have been accused of things without proof.

    I try to be as reasonable as possible, presenting my opinion based on the facts.

    You imply otherwise, but show no evidence. If you have anything substantive that suggests I make false statements, then why not show it, rather than making some vague assertion implying I have done something wrong.

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