Blockbuster Looks At Circuit City's Books; Ditches Acquisition Offer

from the no-real-surprise dept

We were one of a very small number of people who actually saw some logic behind Blockbuster bidding for Circuit City -- though, it seemed unlikely that Blockbuster viewed the purchase in the same way we did. Most people assumed (probably correctly) that Blockbuster didn't really have much of a plan at all, other than to merge the two struggling companies and have an even bigger mess on their hands. Blockbuster has now withdrawn the offer to buy Circuit City, gamely claiming that it has to do with "market conditions" and a better understanding of just how awful Circuit City's books appear to be. That's press release talk. What's more likely is that Blockbuster realized that everyone was right: it would screw up the merger and make a bad situation worse.

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Companies: blockbuster, circuit city

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  1. identicon
    Glenn Charles, 3 Jul 2008 @ 4:56pm

    Infinite or intangible goods

    It's not a good example, but; what are your reactions when I pose as the local computer gear guru on the strength of Techdirt writings? I mean, I have a lot of people fooled here now.

    (Actually, if I get bullied into giving advice or whatever I just blame it on you. Still, the question is valid.)

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