Senators Not Thrilled About Laptop Searches At The Border

from the back-off,-customs dept

It would appear that the EFF's efforts to get Congress to look into laptop searches at the border has worked. This is over the question of whether or not it's legal, with no suspicion of wrongdoing, for customs officials to take your laptop and search through the contents. Even if the courts have said it's legal, it still seems quite troubling to many people who believe it's an unreasonable search. Some Senators have now asked Customs to reconsider its stance on this, with Senator Russ Feingold noting:
"If you asked [U.S. residents] whether the government has a right to open their laptops, read their documents and e-mails, look at their photographs, and examine the Web sites they have visited, all without any suspicion of wrongdoing, I think those same Americans would say that the government has absolutely no right to do that. And if you asked him whether that actually happens, they would say, 'not in the United States of America.'"
Somehow, I doubt that these hearings will lead to much, but at least someone in DC is concerned about this issue.

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  1. identicon
    William, 26 Jun 2008 @ 6:07pm

    U.S. Government is becoming East Germany!

    The U.S. government will carry out the laws it creates. So like corporations and special interest groups have learned, if you don't want some law to be passed, lobby against it in the first place and insure your own legislation is passed.

    Meaning, the only way a free open republic that wants a democratic society should first be informed enough to ACT and do something about these bad bills being passed.

    Start putting real moral leaders in your government, not the greedy and corrupt types growing FAT.

    Is this your country or theirs?

    In addition, you have every right, and when you join others, even more rights to work for what is right. That is unless your like the Chinese living in mainland China who for the most part are willing to work for $0.17 an hour making their corrupt greedy government officers wealthy and rich.

    Find my any CCP government official that doesn't earn the typical common slave wage in China!

    It's so bad that the difference is extreme! CCP government officials live different, have more advantages, buy new automobiles, send their children to foreign schools, and abuse, refuse and deny their own Chinese citizens by treating them like honey bees!

    Go back to work, 7 days a week! In fact, Chinese Wal-Mart employees earn 50,000 times less by the hour than Wal-Mart's CEO Scott.

    If the Americans don't stand up, like the French people, is it any wonder why them Americans rights, that Bill of Rights, the Constitution of the U.S. has eroded?

    The government is suppose to serve the people, NOT the other way around, in that the people live to work and serve the government, right?

    And O-Bomb-a isn't going to save anyone, especially black folks, just because his skin color is black. Wake up! You don't pick a leader for their skin color, unless your stupid.

    All this has to do with morality, being about to know the difference between right and wrong.

    It's clearly wrong to assume everyone, all Americans must have their laptops seized and searched, looking for evidence against them, solely because the government can do so.

    If you start treating people are criminals, what do you think people will become?

    No reasons needed, sounds just like some corporate contracts that provide a claus stating, without any reasons what's so ever, termination can result without due warning.

    And whom would want to build their career, their life ahead, bringing in children, starting your family with employment that has no security, at the mercy of a greedy corporation?

    Whom by the way, work not to better the U.S., but to enrichen the shareholders investments!

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