Senators Not Thrilled About Laptop Searches At The Border

from the back-off,-customs dept

It would appear that the EFF's efforts to get Congress to look into laptop searches at the border has worked. This is over the question of whether or not it's legal, with no suspicion of wrongdoing, for customs officials to take your laptop and search through the contents. Even if the courts have said it's legal, it still seems quite troubling to many people who believe it's an unreasonable search. Some Senators have now asked Customs to reconsider its stance on this, with Senator Russ Feingold noting:
"If you asked [U.S. residents] whether the government has a right to open their laptops, read their documents and e-mails, look at their photographs, and examine the Web sites they have visited, all without any suspicion of wrongdoing, I think those same Americans would say that the government has absolutely no right to do that. And if you asked him whether that actually happens, they would say, 'not in the United States of America.'"
Somehow, I doubt that these hearings will lead to much, but at least someone in DC is concerned about this issue.

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  1. identicon
    Bob, 26 Jun 2008 @ 10:34am

    The Terrorists have already won

    Actually, if there were any more proof necessary that the Terrorists have already WON, this is it. The purpose of Terrorism is NOT to kill, but to...err.. TERRORIZE and make people's lives unbearable.

    I think this accomplishes that rather neatly. In this particular case, the TIQ (Terrorists in Question) are more likely the RIAA and MPAA who have lavished a great deal of money on politicians convincing them that digital piracy is somehow going to bring about the end of civilization as we know it.

    Good to see that there MAY be some pushback, however, but I wouldn't bet on Common Sense trumping Entertainment Industry $$$$$$

    Of course, you could encrypt everthing but if your data is encrypted, you MUST be a Pirate/Terrorist etc... because HONEST PEOPLE have nothing to fear. This is, of course, why every HONEST person uses postcards. I mean WHAT is that ENVELOPE hiding, anyway??? (and if they just TAKE your laptop, encryption doesn't really save you from extreme inconvenience).

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