Grammy Winner: Piracy Is Brilliant; I Love It

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Slowly, but surely, we're seeing more and more musicians understand that "piracy" isn't a threat but an opportunity. Take the latest example, as Grammy-award winner Joss Stone apparently stunned a television reporter by telling him that piracy was "brilliant." First the reporter asked her if she had an iPod, and she complained about losing a few. So then he asked what she thought about people downloading songs, and she cheerily said it was "Great!" The reporter then pauses, as that wasn't the answer he was expecting, and then repeats back "Great?" So, she responds:
"Yeah, I love it. I think it's brilliant and I'll tell you why. Music should be shared. It's ok, if one person buys it, it's totally cool, burn it up, share it with your friends, I don't care. I don't care how you hear it as long as you hear it. As long as you come to my show, and have a great time listening to the live show it's totally cool. I don't mind. I’m happy that they hear it."
I was curious to find out what her record label thought of all of this, and it didn't take long to discover that Stone is quite unhappy with EMI as her label, and is looking for legal ways to get out of her contract with them. Maybe if they weren't suing all of those people who are helping to promote Stone's album, she wouldn't be so angry with them.

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  1. identicon
    Hank, 26 Jun 2008 @ 1:05pm

    Good for Joss Stone

    Now if we could just get the record labels on the right track. There isn't anything they can do to stop file sharing now, no matter what laws are passed or how many law suits they file, there is absolutely no way to stop it.
    It's like introducing a new fish to a river system and then saying you need to remove that particular fish 3 years later, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN

    I must say, I haven't purchased a CD in almost 6 years, however I do go to concerts, pay for pay-per-view live shows, and buy merchandise of my favorite artists. Plus, I push my favorite artists on my friends and family, creating more people going to concerts and buying merchandise.

    This is like stepping over a dollar bill to pick up the shinny quarter.

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