Yeah, Your IT Guy Is Probably Reading Your Email

from the just-because-you're-paranoid,-it-doesn't-mean-they're-not-out-to-get-you dept

You probably suspected it, but there's a decent chance that someone in your IT department may be snooping on at least someone in your company -- and they don't seem to mind admitting it. It's not overwhelming, but about one in three IT folks admits to snooping using admin passwords to access information they're not supposed to look at. Given that there are probably plenty who won't admit it, there's a pretty good chance that the actual percentages are higher.

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  1. identicon
    iToast, 25 Jun 2008 @ 6:16pm

    Words from an Admin.

    I'm an admin. I work on many exchange servers and send mail servers amongst my countless other tasks. Let's address this logically.

    1. That computer, your login, your documents and your messaging data DON'T (read DO NOT) belong to you. You may have one and your eight year old my use one, but the machine on your desk belongs to the corporation and you relinquish your privacy when you hit "OK" at the log in warning. Oh, you didn't read it where it say we can audit your box for any reason? Well, a thousand pardons maybe you should take 5 minutes out of youtube time and put it towards reading the log in warning. Kay great.

    2. If I read your messages I do so lamenting the fact I have to search through your messages trying to find something because it detracts from my ability to do anything else, like read Techdirt.

    3. I make a conscious effort NOT to pay attention to the contents unless they match my criteria for the search. I don't care that your aunt fanny thinks sending an e-card to your work is neat I really don't and thus don't read it. The less I know about you as an individual the better, because then I have to develop a degree of care for your digital well being. Sorry, but I don't.

    4. Where did you learn that work was a good place to get email defining personal matters anyways?

    Take the example of Susi Humantrafficker. She illegally smuggles people around the globe and works for the corporation who's network I maintain. If I know more about you and find out that instead of using your address you used I now could get called to the stand as a witness to testify against you should your little operation get noticed by the Feds. Sorry Susi, but I just don't understand your disregard for common sense which is why I will, despite my laziness, skip going to the gym and testify to have you summarily sentenced.

    Think of it this way you wouldn't have your personal mail delivered to work, so why your electronic mail? But, then again I don't place a lot of faith in modern computer users.

    This ends my ridiculous diatribe thanks for reading.


    I'm cynical and jaded. Don't try to disagree, because if you do I'll just remind you that you're wrong. Thanks again.

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