Yeah, Your IT Guy Is Probably Reading Your Email

from the just-because-you're-paranoid,-it-doesn't-mean-they're-not-out-to-get-you dept

You probably suspected it, but there's a decent chance that someone in your IT department may be snooping on at least someone in your company -- and they don't seem to mind admitting it. It's not overwhelming, but about one in three IT folks admits to snooping using admin passwords to access information they're not supposed to look at. Given that there are probably plenty who won't admit it, there's a pretty good chance that the actual percentages are higher.

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  1. identicon
    myrandomstuff, 25 Jun 2008 @ 7:29am

    huh....i read email?

    There are several comments I agree with here. Why did TechDirt post this eye grabbing title? How many accountants or building service managers that read this site? Primarily this is an IT based readership.Why did they post the results of a survey that they did not explain? Ok yes I am messaging engineer. When tasked by HR, legal and compliance; I do discovery. Yes it disgusts me that there is nothing, "darker than the hearts of men." I hate knowing I am looking at someone's communications looking for something wrong. I have to say that with all the free email addresses in the world why people want to send non-work email back and forth via corporate methods is still beyond me. Being the email/blackberry admin, I usually find out someone is fired before they do simply because I have to turn off their blackberry and email before they are told. Thanks to everyone for the comments, I don't feel so guilty with my job.

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